How to DJ – No Better Time to Learn

Native Instruments seems to be the industry leader when it comes to DJ software and is top of the list with those wanting to know how to DJ. Traktor has broken into many clubs worldwide and since it’s increased popularity has expanded out onto millions of iPads and iPhones with their mobile version for iOS; ‘Traktor DJ’. Native Instruments are announcing a price drop on the S4. I have also decided to drop my course price for a limited time. Read on to find out more.

Learning how to DJ on the S4 Now Cheaper than Ever

The Kontrol S4 has been Native Instruments’ most popular DJ Controller being an ideal partner for those learning how to DJ. Not only does the S4 function as a midi controller for the ‘push-button’ DJ’s amongst us, but it can also be used like CDJ’s or turntables due to having jog-wheels. This gives newcomers the ability of learning how to DJ using old school techniques of platter control and beat-matching.

S4 Price Drop

How to DJ with the S4On June 20th, Native Instruments announced another price drop of their flagship controller. This is excellent news as people are now able to pick up an ‘all-in-one‘ controller with all the bells and whistles that anyone starting out to DJ will ever need. The controller is excellent for those wanting to play at both clubs and weddings (or other such functions). It is extremely mobile and very simple to set up.

Looking at the current trends of DJ controllers, along with the path that Traktor appears to be taking; I am uncertain as to the future of controllers featuring jog-wheels? The world of Digital DJ’ing seems to be moving away from this and for me this is a scary concept. The ability to use a jog-wheel to nudge or change the speed of the music is an important aspect for flexibility. For scratch DJ’s, there would definitely be a huge loss. It may be wise to invest in a piece of history and grab your S4 while stocks last. I am happy I picked one up a while back; it has certainly taught me how to DJ better with digital equipment.
But wait there is more great news:

Traktor Course Price Drop

How to DJ - Traktor Course OfferHere at Traktor Tips, I have produced an online course. The course went live in May 2013. The course teaches you how to DJ using Traktor with the Kontrol S4. The course is very precise and informative and gets you up and running with your S4 in minutes. Many others have praised the course for its excellent content.

To coincide with the S4 price drop I am excited to be offering the Online Traktor Course at a discounted rate for a limited time – OFEER NOW OVER. Usually $47, you are currently able to grab it for just $29.

Learning How to DJ for Cheap

With these combined offers you can pick up a Traktor Kontrol S4 along with a course that’ll teach you all the relevant skills on how to DJ for just $628. There’s no better time to learn how to DJ with the S4 and Traktor Tips. The S4 is available at discounted rate until end of August or until stocks last. The course will be at this special price until the June 30th. So buy now at $29 before it increases to $47.

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