Bob Bob – Traktor Friday Guest Mix

Bob BobBetter late than never, and hey, it’s still Friday, so technically I’m on time. This weeks Traktor Friday Guest Mix is a smooth blend of house music that will serenade you through any chill day in the sun or even in the rain, especially todays Summer Solstice. Some excellent sounds have been provided by “Bob Bob”. We even have some spanish guitar in there, some beautiful vocals and in line with his claim, he’s keeping it below 123BPM the whole time.

Trance or House?

I almost went for a Trance mix from JP the Geezer (a student of the Traktor Tips course) Which is also an excellent mix and I recommend all the Trance heads check out. But I was more in the mood for the sounds of Bob Bob today. If you listen to them both you’ll see a complete contrast in musical tastes here, but both DJ’s have excellent mixing styles. It always pays to listen to other genres to develop an ear for different DJ tricks.


Bob Bob’s June Promo by Bob Bob on Mixcloud

Bob Bob Says:-

This is me, this is my music, this is my world!
Have been pissing arsing about on some bloody laptop and controller in my bedroom for the past seven years or so – have been persuaded to take it a bit further by friends and housemates alike – so here we are!
Regularly DJing in and around Folkestone and am slowly getting a following, so things can only go from strength to strength!!!
Trying to find somewhere a bit more concrete for the summer, but struggling at the moment – all gigs, house parties, birthdays, weddings considered!!!
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Get involved

How do I make a mix and upload?

If you are new to Traktor and have no clue how to record your set using Traktor or how to upload it to the internet, you can learn all you need to with the Traktor Basics Course.
What better way to gain exposure for your mixes – every DJ that has featured as our Friday Guest Mix has noticed an increase in listeners – You help us help you. Here at Traktor Tips we want to spread the news of great DJ’s and give you all a place to promote your skills and efforts.

Happy DJ’ing.

3 thoughts on “Bob Bob – Traktor Friday Guest Mix

  1. Being a Trance/Prog/Electro guy I’m not normally into House but this mix is fantastic!!!

    DJ Bob Bob smashes this one out of the park, well done man!

    And thanks again Alan for the shout out and link to my mix, I’m very humble.

    1. Thanks Geezer – Always nice to mix up the genres. Glad you enjoyed the ‘dark side’ for Bobs mix. šŸ˜‰

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