DE Radio Teams up with Traktor Tips

We have some exciting news for our Traktor Tips readers. DE Radio will be teaming up with us here at Traktor Tips to bring you the best in online Deep House Radio.

What is DE Radio?

DE Radio Founder - Marc GerrardDE Radio is an established online Radio Station that operates out of Vancouver, BC, Canada. It’s Co-founder and chief operator, Marc Gerrard has been working on his passion of presenting a global audience with a radio station lovingly curated and delivering a blend of “fresh organic electronic sounds in a way that uplifts, provides solace and facilitates community in the most minimal and accessible way possible.

DE Radio ArtistsDE simple stands for ‘Do Easy’, it is a way of doing. It is a way of doing everything you do. DE simply means doing whatever you do in the easiest most relaxed way you can manage which is also the quickest and most efficient way, as you will find as you advance in DE.

DE Radio provides a constant stream of electronic music, punctuated with live performances from DJ’s scattered all over the world, including the likes of Noah Pred, Dirt Crew, Jay Tripwire and Rennie Foster.
You can always check the Calendar to see who’s playing when, even being presented with a time zone converter so you know you’re in the right zone!

The music is always solid, whenever I have tuned in I have not been disappointed. The site comes with a pop-out player, so that you can continue to listen whilst you cruise the site and read up on the artists or check out upcoming shows.

DE Radio have also created an App for your mobile device, so you can download it and listen to the station at the tap of a button. (Click here for iOS App – and here for the Android App)

DE Radio & Traktor Tips

This new feature will will be a welcome addition to our current articles and music and is intended to run alongside the Friday Guest Mix. The feature will replace one of the guest mixes each month, still leaving room for all of you, our readers, to present other awesome mixes to us.

The feature will consist of a 2 hour radio set, hosted by myself, Al Churchill. The show will broadcast live on the first Wednesday of each month and will be recorded for publishing on the Traktor Tips site shortly afterwards. The show will begin with a 1 hour mix from myself followed by the most highly listened to and influential set from the previous month on DE Radio. I want to thank DE Radio for the honour of hosting this show. I am very happy to be helping showcase such wonderful talent to the world.

Watch Traktor Tips closely for more cool features of this new relationship between Traktor Tips and DE Radio.

Check out the first pilot show.

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