Free Apps on Apple Store includes Traktor DJ

As Apple celebrates 5 years of the App Store they have decided to give each person 5 free Apps. The best part of this news is that Traktor DJ for the iPhone and iPad has been included in this deal.

iPhone users get Free Apps – Traktor DJ for Free

Everyone loves a deal and this one is a must for every iPhone DJ and Traktor User.
The iPhone DJ App allows the user to take tactile control of his/her music right on the iPhone, with built in track analysis and syncing, the possibilities are fascinating. We recently published a brief user review of the App, which I invite you to read.

Free Apps - iPhone Traktor DJFree Apps - Traktor DJ Effects

Rocking out in the car has never been the same, but it also has a real world use of perhaps an amazing way to back up your DJ set incase of an equipment failure with your regular gear.
Using the iPhone App may not be something you want to use on a regular basis, but having a fail safe goto back up plan is certainly a wise thing to have in place.

What you waiting for go claim your free iPhone Traktor DJ App! Log in to your iTunes account, but be quick, it’s for a limited time only!

Get it on iPad

Get it on iPhone/iPod

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