Barbarela DJ’s

Barbarela DJ'sWith very little information I present to you an awesome DJ Set from the Barbarela DJ’s.

The Barbarela DJ’s are made up of DJ Nesta and JCC (Juan Carlo-Castro), deciding to get together after an interesting meeting where a disastrous set was saved by the use of an iPod. Both DJ’s currently live in Alicante, but come from Brittany France and Barcelona, Spain.

The music selection in this weeks Friday Guest Mix is fantastic and takes you on an impressive journey through a genre they have chosen to tag as Space Disco and Cosmic Disco in their soundcloud mix.

Enjoy the following 61 minutes, I know you’re in for a treat!

JCC Says from Barbarela DJ’s Says


“This progressive down tempo set moves from space and cosmic disco to deep and tech-house. There were no categories between the music styles, just a precise work to increase the BPMs and mixing harmonically the music (key work).”

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