Re-Organizing Tracks in Traktor Playlists

Here’s a quick tip on how you can select multiple tracks for re-organizing tracks in Traktor Playlists.

Traktor Playlist Video

I have produced many Traktor Playlist videos as there are so many things you can do with them. Everyone has different ways in which they operate and not all tips suit all DJ’s workflows. The more tips there are out there however, the more potential there is for learning.

One day I was working through a playlist for a wedding and thought that this method of re-organizing tracks in Traktor Playlists may suit many of you out there. Sometimes we want to make sure our playlists are in a certain order so we may find things quickly by there location and not by their name. I know that Traktor is amazing for simply typing in a name and up pops an entire list of tracks that match that criteria. However sometimes it’s nice to group certain tracks together in an order so we know roughly where they are in the playlist. Similarly to how Vinyl DJ’s organise their crate. I remember what tracks were in what specific areas of the record box and I could simply flip to that part of the  box to locate that style of music. This following tip allows you to do just that.

Re-organizing Tracks in Traktor Playlists

This tutorial allows us to select multiple tracks in a playlist and group them together. If you do not want to watch a video, please scroll past it for the written instructions.

First, navigate to the playlist you wish to reorganise. Once there follow these instructions:-

  • Type something in the search field. (Perhaps you want all tracks by the Pogues, or maybe all tracks from a certain producer).
  • Click the first track in the list that you wish to highlight.
  • Hold Shift, then click the last track in the list. This will highlight the first, last and everything in-between.
  • Now hit the small ‘x‘ in the search field to stop filtering the playlist.
  • All tracks you just highlighted will still be highlighted, but they will be dotted around the playlist in the order the playlist is currently set.
  • Dragging one of the tracks to a location within the playlist will move all the highlighted tracks.

This is a great way for re-organizing tracks in Traktor Playlists – Hopefully this is something many of you can benefit from.



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