Making music with an iPad and a Z1 – The Verge

making music with an ipad
Taken from The Verge:-

So! You wanna be a DJ? Join the club! There are zillions of ways to get into music curation, and the next step up from creating iTunes playlists is probably to get a copy of Native Instruments’ Traktor DJ app, $4.99 for iPhones and $19.99 for iPads. You’ll be up and running in no time, learning to mix with the music you already have on your device — don’t mess with the 99-cent crowd unless you want to spend a lot of time frowning at your screen.

As you make your way into this weird world one of the things you should know is that DJs get really worked up about what DJing isn’t. People will tell you that DJing on an iPad is for little babies who shop at Urban Outfitters. Get used to the haterade, because it will accompany you all the way to the top. This week Tiësto (the Arnold Schwarzenegger of the DJ universe) promised to destroy Daft Punk because he’s mad that people think their music is cool. He looks and sounds like a desperate mannequin from the Ed Hardy section of Target.

Luckily, not everyone is lusting after Tiësto’s throne. They want to have a good time and maybe rock a party every few weeks or something. And that’s totally okay!

For the full article “Making Music with an iPad, an algorithm and a Traktor Kontrol Z1” head on over to The Verge, where Trent Wolbe will entertain and educate.


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