Map Flux Mode to your Traktor Controller

After the recent updates to Traktor, we have now been treated to a nice new shiny Flux mode button on the Deck. This is great, but can be somewhat frustrating trying to use it with your mouse or by a hot key. In this tutorial I will show you how to map flux mode to your controller. The 6 minute video below will show you how you can easily how to map flux mode to your S4, the same principles however apply to other controllers.

How to Map Flux Mode to the Kontrol S4

screen-shot-2013-08-01-at-09-59-28Due to the way Traktor is set up to override the factory settings when you add a new command, those using a native Instruments controller will find it very easy.

For those using a 3rd party controller, depending on the button you chose to map to control flux, you may find that the button is already set to control some other function. If this is the case you will need to delete the original function of the button. I always recommend you save your current setting before making adjustments to your set up.

  • Head into Preferences > Controller Manager.
  • Select the S4 from the controller drop down.
  • Underneath the list of controls select ‘Add in…‘.
  • Go to ‘Deck Common‘ > ‘Flux Mode On‘.
  • Hit ‘Learn‘ then press the button on the controller you wish to assign.
  • Set Assignment to the deck you want that button to relate to. (Deck A)
  • Change the button type to ‘Toggle‘.

That’s the control button set up, now you need to set the LED feedback.

  • With your previous control line highlighted, hit ‘Add Out…‘.
  • Flux Mode On‘ will automatically appear at the top of the list – Select it.
  • It should automatically set everything up for that function.
  • Check that it’s set to the same deck.

Now you can just repeat this for the 2nd Deck. And that’s how you map flux mode to your Controller!

(EDIT: For those that wish to continue using decks C & D – a reader tells me that using ‘Shift+Deck C’ & ‘Shift+Deck D’ will work perfectly too. NOTE: You just have to remember to uncheck the ‘over-ride factory Map’ for the modifier (ie. the shift key) I have not tried this yet – but it sounds as if it should work. Thanks to Ma Kobi on Twitter!)

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11 thoughts on “Map Flux Mode to your Traktor Controller

  1. Great tips. This prompted me to start playing around with these settings. I didn’t really see the need previously, but I’ve been wishing for an easier way to enter Flux Mode and Adjust Key.

    This truly allows you to customize the controller easily and without much risk of messing things up (at least on the NI controllers). You can always delete a function that isn’t working. Here is some of what I found that may help those that may need it.

    Over the course of the last couple days, I’ve worked out some similar settings.
    First thing to do was Add In Modifier #1 as Left Shift and Modifier #2 as Right Shift, with Interaction Mode set to Hold, Override Factory Map unchecked, and Button Options set to 1. Functions that need Shift will get Modifier Conditions set to 1 and functions that don’t need shift should have Modifier Conditions set to 0. Output functions do not need modifiers set and all Controls other than Modifiers should have Override Factory Map checked.

    Oh, and when you click learn and push or turn the button you wish to use, be sure to unclick learn, so that the button will start to function properly. Do not use shift buttons with another button when using Learn, simply add the corresponding Modifier(s).

    I chose to remap the Mode button in each FX section so that it toggles Flux mode. Then I mapped Shift+Mode to toggle between chained and single FX. This makes more sense to me than changing the function of the Deck C or Deck D controls and it will illuminate in the same fashion.

    I also took the time to remap the Gain knobs to control Key, including push to reset. This took some tweaking, including setting the Rotary Sensitivity to 50% and the Rotary Acceleration to 14%. I believe this to be a better solution then using Shift+Filter, because for Key changes it is more important to jump by exact finite steps. The Gain encoders are better able to do so than the Filter.

    Then I mapped Shift+Gain to control Gain, including push to Reset. This also took the same tweaks on the Rotary settings. I decided to make this the secondary function, because it would be better to allow the Key settings to be made with one hand.

    Happy to answer any questions. Hope the tweaks of the Gain knob settings are a help at the very least.

    1. Thanks for sharing your ideas and information – very helpful – I am sure many will enjoy to follow you in this.

      As for not losing the functionality of decks C & D this is something that many have spoke about and is very wise to keep that functionality. Of course if those using F1 and the remix decks, then you may not necessarily need the use of decks C & D via the S4. Having said this however, there are still some buttons that can be used if you keep the functionality of decks C & D…..

      Thanks again for your comment! 😉

  2. As you you read in the edit of the article, I have implemented the mapping with “Shift + Deck C” and “Shift + Deck D” for flux mode.

    In addition I made some mappings for “Shift + Filter Encoder” for changing the key.

    Furthermore I was missing a function on the S4 for switching between Gain and Auto-Gain (the orange lighted mode) and changing the Auto-Gain value.

    So now I can switch between Gain and Auto-Gain on every channel by pressing “Shift” the Gain-Knob of the respective Channel.

    And by turning the Gain-Knob of a channel while holding down shift I can now adjust the auto-gain value.

    1. Great Ideas – and much help for the Traktor Community here. I appreciate your time in posting this information.

  3. Come on Traktor community?? I know there are some amazing techies out there who could do this?? Heck, it may not even be a difficult mapping to acheive.. certainly one of you would like to share your knowledge??

    1. You have your answer now @disqus_iKJahkeuWT:disqus thanks to @69c01aacac234c432d9abc138cdebb57:disqus

  4. Thanks for the Great Tip…..Question: How would you go about mapping that same Flux mode function to…say..maybe a … “shift + deck C” combo …so that you could still leave the deck C button functioning normally for those of us that still want to,, also, how about a “shift + filter” combo for adjusting the key??Four channels, four key knobs on the graphical interface, four Filter knobs to assign to each decks individual Key function??? I’m sure there are others besides myself that would find that an appealing, useful mapping??.. any ideas? is this even possible / or are complex double button combos not “user assignable”??

    1. I’m also interested in this idea!
      But my mapping-skills aren’t as good as the skills of other traktor users.

    2. Why don’t you try doing exactly what the tutorial says, but instead of pressing ‘deck C’, press ‘shift+deck c’ instead! See what happens! Then do the same for the out…. let me know how it goes!?

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