Ean Golden in Costa Rica – Full Support

For those that don’t know, Ean Golden rose to fame through his creation of DJ Tech Tools and along with his controller the the midi fighter. You can read a little more about him on his site.

As an instructor and trainer of Traktor DJ software, Ean Golden’s video touched me in a way that I was not expecting and has offered me some fantastic inspiration. I will repost the video below in this article but for the mean time let me explain why this video is important to me.

Costa Rica

I visited Costa Rica back in 2012 for 5 weeks and fully enjoyed the country. I travelled around a little, but mainly stayed on the Nicoya Peninsular. The people in Costa Rica are very friendly and the energy there is very special. Costa Rica doesn’t even have an armed forces and according to many polls, they are one of the ‘happiest’ nations in the world.
I truly loved the raw, unrefined, non-built up areas of the peninsular. Dusty roads, relaxed attitudes, friendly people and beautiful beaches. Although tourism is obviously the main income of Costa Rica, it also stands to ruin the place. As I travelled north, the dusty roads became tarmac and the small shacks near the beach became high-rise hotels. It lost it’s charm and simply became another hot and sunny resort destination, with little character.

Ean Golden article - costa rica club on the beach
Club on the Beach in Costa Rica

Unlike Ean, I didn’t visit the DJ scene. Whilst in the City of San Jose, I did notice a lot of fly posters for various club nights , one featuring Steve Lawler. Where I stayed on the peninsular, there was an awesome looking club right on the beach. I would have loved to play a few tunes here during the day, although it seemed the parties only happened at night.

Due to the 5 weeks in Costa Rica, I had decided to travel light with only a small back pack containing essentials. I had no computer, or DJ equipment. As it turned out, a girl working at the place I was staying was the promoter for that club on the beach. Damn; I wish I’d taken my DJ gear!

Ean Golden in Costa Rica

Before watching Ean’s video I presumed that the content would be lots of club shots, with mash-up DJ sets, lots of noise and partying. I was  comforted, however, to learn of Ean’s desire to teach young kids. Teaching those less fortunate, to use DJ’ing as a diversion from less desirable paths and into something more creative and focused is something I dream of doing. Hopefully one day Traktor Tips will be able to assist many kids with their learning and divert them from less desirable past-times.
So Ean, if you happen to be reading this, congratulations on the work you are doing, you are an inspiration to myself and to the direction of Traktor Tips. Here’s to changing the life of many kids using DJ’ing as a positive way to channel their creative energies.

Thank you.


(PS. The Coffee IS amazing! Down with Starbucks!)

Watch Ean Golden’s Video

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