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The following post about a gesture controlled DJ system was taken from the Loudat blog with their permission, more details about Loudat can be found at the bottom of the page:-

Gesture Controlled DJ System

Details have surfaced  of the world’s first Gesture Controlled  DJ interface. Under a working title of ” Movement”  the collaboration between Pioneer and Native Instruments is already in the late stages of development. There is strong evidence to suggest that a head worn, gesture controlled DJ system is already in advanced stages of beta testing.
Utilising camera based movement detection and accelerometer technologies the device integrates directly with NI’s popular Traktor Pro DJ software and Pioneer’s phenomenally successful range of DJ hardware. The “Movement Project” aims to eliminate the need for physical contact with standard DJ hardware and allow the user to modify a range of assignable midi controls with human gestures.


“Movement” is offered as a pair of devices that work in harmony to provide an “Holistic motion detection system for DJ’s”.

gesture controlled DJ system - headphonesPioneer’s accelerometer equipped “Movement” DJ Headphones.

A battery powered controller is worn in a “Headphone Form Factor” and interfaces directly with a “Head-worn Visual System” . A heads up display and eye movement detection is provided using camera equipped glasses, borrowing heavily from technology used in the much lauded Google Glass project. The audio output can be routed to a Bluetooth enabled Traktor soundcard device .

gesture controlled DJ system - glassesNative Instruments “Visual Element” for the Movement System. A range of frame styles will be available.

Having liberated the DJ from the traditional restrictions of working physically with music hardware and freeing them from ubiquitous laptop screen; developers argue that the device will pave the way to more immersive, performance based DJ sets.


The full range of gesture control parameters  are yet to be detailed but the most commonly used midi mapped commands are already being field-tested in large, stadium music events apparently with huge success.

Track selection is controlled using eye movements. These are detected in the glasses frames and are loaded to the appropriate deck by briefly closing or winking the left or right eye. This gesture must be combined with a pre-programmed arm gesture to ensure the user cannot accidentally select and load tracks. Initial reports suggest that the system is reliable in the most demanding of club environments.

Perhaps the most interesting feature is the system’s ability to accurately detect and interpret small- limb movements and even more subtle hand gestures. Using compact “Point Of View” (POV) cameras mounted in the headphones head band the movement of the DJ’s arms, hands and even fingers can be used to control filters, effects and sample banks live in the mix. The cameras are effective with the headphones either worn conventionally or hung around the neck.


A simple nodding motion will cue and play tracks using the Sync function allowing for seamless mixing.  Individual track levels are commonly controlled using the raising arms with palms facing upwards.

Proven Beta tested gestures show that parameters such as filter cut off can be controlled by raising one arm with finger extended while resonance, or other assignable midi function, can be controlled by raising the left.

By clenching a raised fist , pre-assigned cue points can be selected.

gesture controlled DJ system - hot naturedJamie Jones and Lee Foss are rumoured to be BETA testing the system in LA this season

Combining both camera based gesture detection and accelerometer control in the headband effects can be combined with stunning results.

Raising 2 fists while tipping the head back can activate a series of pre-programmed macro commands  allowing for immense build ups with a gesture controlled “Drop” for huge, stadium style performances.

gesture controlled DJ system - swedish house mafiaSwedish House Mafia seen here testing the filter sweep and cue point selection macro control in the Pioneer Native Instruments Movement System

By separating the DJ from the physical interface of the hardware and offering “Immersive Control” over the musical parameters the crowd no longer needs to focus on the music and can instead concentrate on the DJ’s physical presence and performance.


gesture controlled DJ system - skrillex
Skrillex BETA testing the small limb manipulation detection of the Movement System with prescription Visual Element frames

Several big name DJ’s are already testing the system in anger and several note able performances have already been undertaken in Ibiza prior to the peak of the 2013 season. The Hot Natured crew, Swedish House Mafia are all rumoured to be involved in the field testing  and even dub-step pioneer Skrillex is alleged to have his own prescription Visual Element frames.

News of the system comes hot on the heels of Native Instruments recently leaked visualisations of the Kontrol X1 Mark 2 and the Traktor Z1 which allows anyone to DJ professionally with just a compact hardware interface and iOS device running Traktor DJ. The Gesture system indicates that NI are not only focussed on the domestic market but are pushing the boundaries in the future of professional DJ adulation technology.

This article is a satirical piece written by Jack at – I want to thank Jack for allowing us to publish the article. We found it very funny after stumbling across his web pages.

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