Maschine Mapping Traktor Remix Deck

We recently covered an iPad Mapping for the Traktor Remix decks in a previous article. Now the same mapping expert over at has provided you all with a Native Instruments’ Maschine Mapping for use with the remix decks.

Maschine Mapping Details

For those that don’t know, Traktor had the remix deck mapping ability on lock down for a long time until the release of Traktor 2.6.2. Unlocking the ability to map the remix decks has allowed for much innovation. This has lead to great options such as the Maschine Mapping below.

traktor remix_decks_maschine mappingThis Maschine mapping is something many of you have been waiting for for a very long time and with HUGE thanks to Andrew from digital DJ tools you now have it! The current mapping is only available for the Maschine Mark 1, but Andrew has a Mark 2 version in the works.

The current mapping is completely free and is downloadable by simply registering your email to his site. A very fair trade off indeed.

You’re going to need the following:-
specs for maschine mapping

(Edit: Machine Mark 2 mapping is now available)

Once you’ve downloaded the mapping, you are able to follow his very detailed instructions on how to get things rolling. Make sure you read things thoroughly before you get started. I would say one of the most important things to note is backing up your current settings.
You can find all the relevant documentation under the instructions tab on his page.

Instructions tab Maschine Mapping

Once downloaded you will have the ability to control your traktor Remix decks with Maschine.
You will be able to:-

  • Capture samples from decks A,B and the Loop recorder.
  • Switch between cell pages.
  • Control parameters for each loop slot, such as filter, volume, mute and stop.
  • Browse Folders and Browse tracks.
  • The secondary functions of FX, Monitor, Keylock and punch are also built in.
  • Andrew has even built in flux mode and quantize size up and down.

Whilst as Andrew explains in his instructions section, it is not 100% compatible with LED feedback states, but his workaround seems to make this control as functional as you’re likely to need. Obviously as there is no colour feedback on the Maschine Mark 1, the same functionality as you see on the Kontrol F1 will not be mirrored here. Despite this, the maschine mapping seems to be a work of art and something Andrew has poured a lot of time into.

If you are a maschine owner and want to own a great maschine mapping for your Traktor remix decks, you should head over to and get your files! But make sure you tell everyone about it first by using the share buttons below!

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20 thoughts on “Maschine Mapping Traktor Remix Deck

  1. Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know that the mapping for Maschine Mk2 is now available (just follow the link in the article).

    1. Hey! i’ve downloaded the files and i got some problems, first: i can’t open the file from the controller editor, i’ve noticed it has a different extension from the files i CAN open, (this file is “.ncc” and i can open “.ncm2” files) So when I load the .tsi file on traktor, it doesn’t work.
      Can you please help me?

      1. This is because it’s been saved as a Configuration rather than a Template. To load in Controller Editor, do it through the main ‘File’ menu (‘Open Configuration’). Be warned that it will overwrite your previous Configuration (ie., your list of Templates). You can easily add these back in afterwards though if you like, one by one.

    1. It does only say Maschine Mark 1 and as the maschine has way more buttons than the micro I am sure there would be some lack of functionality. Nothing stopping you from trying it out though. Let me know how it goes…..

      1. Yeah, it won’t work on a Micro I’m afraid. I’d really like to make a mapping for it but there aren’t enough dials to have volume / filter controls for each Sample Slot as well as enough buttons to cover the main features as well as stop / mute.

        So I can do it but it would be lacking these (quite essential) features.

        Also, I need someone to help me test it because I only have an original Mk1 Maschine!

      2. Thanks, but since I posted this I’ve already found someone who’ll test for me. I’ve also worked out a way of including pretty much all the commands, including stop/mute and volume/filter. I’ll let you know when it’s ready 🙂

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