Mixlr Embeddable Player

Mixlr recently announced their new embeddable music player. This is great news for anyone wishing to share their live broadcasts on their own website.

Embeddable Player – Live Streams

http://mixlr.com/alchurchill/embedalchurchill is on Mixlr
You are able to customise the player, but only a little bit! With a free mixlr account, you can only change:

  • the image.
  • whether the image displays or not.
  • if the player automatically plays.

You are only able to change the colour of your player if you are a premium member of the site. There is no option to embed other peoples players as yet, unless the person sends you the embed code.

To embed your player:-

  • log into your Mixlr account.
  • head to your Profile.
  • select the ‘Embed’ tab.
  • adjust the settings and copy the embed code.

You are now able to embed this wherever you like on your own page or perhaps send the code to a friend to post on their site.

Now whenever you play live, your set will be streamed wherever the mixlr embeddable player is situated on the net.

mixlr embeddable player

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