Map Flux Mode to Offset Buttons – Kontrol S4

flux-offsetIn the past I provided you with a tutorial on how to map flux mode to the Deck C & D buttons on the Kontrol S4. After the announcement of the upgrade to the Traktor Kontrol S4, I was impressed with their new chosen location for the flux mode: the offset buttons. In this article I will show you how to map flux mode to the offset buttons on the S4 and provide you with the tsi file for these settings.

Flux Mode

For those that don’t know what flux mode is, you should check out this previous article. In brief though, it’s basically a way of looping a track whilst the playhead silently moves onwards through the track. Upon releasing the loop, the track resumes at the place where it would have been had you not looped it.

Offset Buttons

If you have never used the offset buttons before and you have no idea what they do in their current state, you can check out this tutorial. You may find that you have a use for these buttons without changing them to be used for the flux control.

How to Map flux mode to the offset buttons

With a few pointers from Andrew at (thank you Andrew) we were able to figure out various modifiers that Native Instruments have set up for the deck selection controls enabling us to provide you with flux control on all four decks from the Traktor Kontrol S4.
The flux control we have set up, will not interfere with any other controls in the S4 and as such provides a seamless way to map flux mode set up on your Traktor Kontrol S4.

This file has been updated – See new mapping details and video along with links to download.

The video below shows how we have set up the controller mapping so you can either do it yourself OR choose the easy option and download the pre-made tsi (links in video). Always back up your current settings.


23 thoughts on “Map Flux Mode to Offset Buttons – Kontrol S4

  1. Hey just to report a bug on this map. When in browse mode by pressing the deck selector or by using the shift+deck selector to change de lay out, the flux mode toggles to the other deck, so it is necessary to repeat the action to fix the problem. Is it possible to fix this?.. how can you to deactivate the modifiers or the flux buttons when in browse mode or a shift action?..

    1. Thanks for reporting this – I will try and test it out tomorrow. Is anyone else having this same issue?

  2. link download map tsi flux mode su off set 4 decks??? please i’m not speak enlglish 😦 only italian thanks

  3. I don’t know why, but every time I load the flux tsi fucks up lots of the mappings of the s4.
    I imported the backup tsi and it works fine again but I stay as I was, that is: no flux mode.
    Any possible solution?

    1. It’s possible you have both mappings for the S4 loaded at the same time. Be sure to delete the original mapping so that the drop down only shows one s4 mapping.

  4. Good news!! Thanks.
    What about the reset pitch buttons. Possible to map It ?
    To get the same mapping than mk2….

    1. At the time of creating the tsi I was not aware of the reset buttons’ function. I am sure this can be added very simply however. Is it something many people feel they need. What pitch is it resetting? The deck pitch back to zero?

      1. Thanks, I’ve ready downloaded the TSI,

        may you add to this mapping the same functionalities than mk2?.. I mean pitch reset, unmatched up/down tempo visual feedback and finally tempo range +/- (with shif i guess)..please ask Andrew, would be a hit mapping for s4mk1 users!!

      2. Yeah it would be awesome I’m sure. Unfortunately my time is somewhat stretched….. If anyone else wants to do it – go right ahead!! 😉

      3. hi, i finally did one TSI by myself to map the reset pitch and have the same mapping than the MK2. if you wanna try it….just let me know!

      4. Can you send me your TSI or post it somewhere so I can download it? I can’t figure out which function controls the offset reset in the controller manager.

      5. If we look to deck A: right offset button is assigned to flux mode.
        Pressing both offset button is doing pitch reset.
        What is the function when pressing left offset button ?

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