Mixing Skills – Lamebot shares his Traktor Transitions

mixing skills lamebot monthly - traktor transitionsMixing tracks together is not simply about getting two tracks in time, it’s about choosing the best time to make that transition, or the perfect combination of Bass, Mid and Treble. It’s not just a case of hitting the sync button and moving a crossfader! Anyone can do that! To stand out from the crowd you’ve gotta get creative and make the mixes smooth and interesting. Developing your mixing skills should be high on the list of any aspiring DJ. Don’t just let the software do it, immerse your soul in it and feel the music when mixing.

Tips from a DJ

Lamebot has been supplying Traktor Tips with some cool tips for almost a year now and this recent addition to his collection of videos is something many beginners to Traktor would benefit from.

In the video below Lamebot, show us the mixing skills he uses in his traktor transitions.

In this episode, its DJ 101 as Lamebot covers the basic elements of track transitions.

  • Beat matching (along with proper EQing
  • Build & Break (build up and breakdown crossfade
  • Loop to loop (pretty self explanatory, I use this to accent and extend both methods

In just under 12 minutes you will learn some basic mixing skills.

If you would like more comprehensive instruction you should take the traktor basics online course with Traktor Tips.

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