Traktor Tips on Digital DJ Tips – Kontrol F1 Advice

traktortips-and-digital-dj-tipsI wanted to take time to thank Phil at Digital DJ Tips for his recent publication of my article entitled, “Are Traktor Kontrol F1 & The Remix Decks For Me?
My article offers advice for those just started out with digital dj’ing and looking for tips on how the Kontrol F1 integrates into their Traktor set up.

As any reader of Digital DJ Tips will know, there is a huge selection of DJ hardware and software on the market these days. The DJ industry seems to contain almost an unlimited combination of gadgets, toys and software options for you to create your ultimate DJ arsenal. Serato and Traktor seem to always be battling it out at the top, with new emerging software offerings from Pioneer, Virtual DJ, on iOS… the list goes on. Each system has its benefits and its downsides, but hell can it get confusing!

Head on over to Digital DJ Tips for the full article or simply watch the video below:-


2 thoughts on “Traktor Tips on Digital DJ Tips – Kontrol F1 Advice

  1. In external mode we can’t use monitor to pre-listen of each one. It’s a pity. Only works internally. Ooooooooooo

    1. Yes – I was trying to figure out if sending the ‘preview out’ to an external channel would do the trick, but it doesn’t! That works for the track previewer, but not for the ‘cue’ monitor.

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