Traktor News Show – DJ Endo New F1 Mapping & More

news show 2 screen shotTwo weeks have passed since I published the very first Traktor news show. It was an idea that suddenly came to me one afternoon whilst supping on a cup of coffee. There is a lot of information out there for Digital DJ’s and for Traktor Users especially, but I haven’t yet come across a decent ‘news’ type show that sums up all the best and most relevant information in one place. And so the Traktor News Show was born.

At the time of publishing I had no idea how it was going to be received, but the views and comments on Youtube are encouraging. For the time being I plan to publish a show every two weeks, with a possibility of increasing this to every week depending on numbers and interest.

If you enjoy the show or have any feedback, I would love to hear it, either in the comments on the Youtube video page, or below.

October 21st News Show

This weeks news show features:

  • an excellent F1 mapping that you can pick up from DJ Endo.
  • the chance to win a Traktor Basics Course from Traktor Tips.
  • other DJ news and more.

Also – the deal from Pulselocker in the first show is still available so if you haven’t yet taken advantage of that be sure to check out the first video too.

For all the links I mention in the video head on over to Youtube – you will find them in the about section.

If you missed the first show – you can catch it here and also get the special Pulselocker deal.


2 thoughts on “Traktor News Show – DJ Endo New F1 Mapping & More

  1. I like it that the stories focus on Traktor first, but also gives us a heads-up on what is going on out there in DJ world. I also like that these video updates are only a bit more than 5 minutes. My only criticism is to maybe pick up the pace a touch – make it a bit more snappy. Finally, the videos are surprisingly professional looking for someone who is doing it by their self. I will def keeping watching future videos.

    1. Thanks so much for the feedback! It is much appreciated!

      As for the snappiness, I hear ya! I have to develop my comfort infront of the camera and become more natural – I am sure this will only happen with time! 😉

      Thanks again.

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