Does Traktor Work on Mavericks?

With the recent release of the latest Mac Operating System Mavericks, it brings with it the same question as every new operating system release brings, “Is Traktor gonna work?

I have received many questions on Twitter in regards to it’s compatibilty and the answer currently is….. Kind of, not really, yes, no!

Traktor Compatibility Issues with Mavericks

traktor mavericksIt appears that the main gripe is with the Traktor Kontrol X1 mark one not working. There is a whole forum post on this subject, the Moderator, Karlos Santos, is taking these complaints officially to the support teams, so we should be seeing a fix fairly soon.
An initial suggestion to fix the issue is to run the set up wizard in Traktor after install. This seem to work for most, but is not 100% rock solid. Running the wizard will delete various settings and to me this just seems like too much hassle.

We all like new things, but my age old advice when talking about ANY upgrade is WAIT!

Apparently the new S4 mark 2 works great, as does the CDJ2000 and other stuff, just remember updating to new operating systems is ALWAYS a gamble and you only have yourself to blame for jumping on this right away! My advice is to keep checking the Service Centre for an update that contains the information that it is optimised for Mavericks.

If you want more details of what’s going on, then check out the Native Instruments Forum Thread, or subscribe to my News Channel on Youtube where I will post updates about this.

Native Instruments release Traktor 2.6.5 – Does it fix the issues?

(Edit Dec 29/2013 – People still reporting issues with the latest 2.6.6 and Mavericks with X1 – please submit your issues to NI. You will need to be signed in at NI. Good Luck!)


66 thoughts on “Does Traktor Work on Mavericks?

  1. Hello,

    I am using a new Macbook Pro late 2013 and have it all updated Traktor aswell is in the latest update..And i am connecting directly trough my laptop to CDJ-2000’s with usbs .. No external soundcard or something .. Directly from my PC to CDJ’s .. So is being like 2-3 days now and is making me some random problems ..


    1) Sound crackling.
    2) Some latency from my CDJ to the Software. (Pushing play and is taking a second to play it)
    3) Sound stops for 1-2 seconds then begin again.

    If anyone having this problems or anyone can let me know what to do would be glad!!

  2. Mavericks 10.9.3 (bought the mac one month ago), Traktor 2.6.8 and Audio dj 8 and X1 mk1 – after 40 mins Traktor freezes and the only thing you can really do is to press the power button and switch that …. off – great when playing live! I wrote on the support, they send me some tool to gather the information from my system after the crash, I sent the info with an urgent message that I am playing in club today (which is true) and they have not even responded. I think I am switching to serato or back to vinyls, which is actually the most reliable system -.-

  3. I have mavericks 10.9.2 and traktor 2.6.7 installed…im facing the same problem as others of glitches and pops right in the middle of the set….. really an embarrassing situation…is there a catch to it….my config for the laptop is 2.2 ghz / i7 /16 gb RAM /460 gb hd free space/17 inches…

  4. xI’m have mavericks 10.9.2 and traktor 2.6.7 installed…im facing the same problem as others of glitches and pops right in the middle of the set….. really an embarrassing situation…is there a catch to it….my config for the laptop is 2.2 ghz / i7 /16 gb RAM /460 gb hd free space/17 inches…

  5. Using mavericks with scratch cds and vinyl and works sometimes/a little bit but then glitching and popping until sound is fully is unlistenable. tried absolutely everything numerous times and nothing works. EXTREMELY frustrating!!!! Been waiting for over 6 months for NI to sort their shit out. I cant even use it out in clubs as its to risky

  6. uncheck “import music folders on startup” and also “consistency check on startup” and your x1 will be detected upon next start of traktor.

  7. I am experiencing so many issues with 2.6.6 and Mavericks. Clicking in the audio if sample rate is under 48hz. Time code glitching and going out of sync periodically. And the worst, Sound and X1 cut off in the middle of a set and you have to restart Traktor to fix, like the drivers have failed. I had no choice but to go to Mavericks because I recently upgraded my Macbook Pro to the new 15 Retina. With all of this happening it makes me extremely nervous to use Traktor live. I really love it, but if they don’t fix these issues fast, I am moving to Serato for piece of mind….

    1. Yes, NI, certainly need to push their focus towards fixing these Mavericks issues! It’s crazy that Apple had Traktor in their recent Add, but when it comes to making sure they work well together Apple seems to be dropping the ball there!

  8. I’ll post this here, as it was finally THIS BLOG POST that saved me.

    I am running 2.6.6. Previous to this I was running 2.5.1, and the **X1 worked just fine** under Mavericks. The issue, folks, is NOT Mavericks. The issue is any version of Traktor above 2.5.1 with Mavericks. The simple workaround here is to downgrade to 2.5.1., not downgrade to Mountain Lion (Mavericks is, on the whole, a good upgrade, especially for multiple monitors, and for the most part fixes the USB sleep issue mentioned).

    I’m also experiencing The Dreaded X1 Death but there’s two work-arounds that do the trick right now:

    (1) Start Traktor. If you haven’t already, Export your Pref/Settings. Run Setup Wizard. If necessary, restart Traktor to recognise the X1. Then Import your Settings. HOWEVER, once this only works as long as Traktor is running. You need to do this EVERY time you restart the software.

    (2) So, how to make it work-around permanent? *After* doing step #1 above, in Prefs/File Management, uncheck Import Music Folders. Restart Traktor. The X1 should be recognized now. Right-click on Track Collection, and Import Music Folders (this is all that setting does anyway).

    1. Yeah just saw this on the forum – it was also followed up with:

      Just wanted to follow up — I got ahold of support (hi Nick!) & they mentioned deleting the Traktor Settings.tsi. This has the same effect as running the Startup Wizard, basically. It resets everything but the X1 issue returns with a software restart UNLESS you uncheck “Import Music Folders” under Prefs/File Management. If you retain your existing settings and uncheck “Import Music Folders” it ALSO fixes the X1, so there’s no need, actually, to rebuild your TSI settings.

      Support was unable to replicate the issue w/ my setup (OS 10.9, Mac, 2.6.6), but this thread, I think, is demonstrative enough that the issue exists and is persistent among certain users. “Why” is some kind of mystery, but hopefully Karlos’ attention with the Dev team will yield some results.

      Thanks to ‘Slackerofthemind’ for posting it!

  9. I upgraded my osX to Mavericks and updated my traktor pro 2 to 2.6.6. Everything works the same except for my X1 controller. It lights up but has no functionality. However I fired up my older Traktor scratch pro with mavericks and my X1 controller works fine. I updated all the new drivers and doesn’t fix the issue. Can someone help me please? I use my x1 controllers extensiveness for loops acapellas etc. Much appreciated

  10. I’d just like to add Traktor 2.6.5, Kontrol S4 and my brand new Retina MacBook is having the same crash/freeze problem. Works perfect for 45 min to an hour then total meltdown. All sound disappears, screen keeps scrolling music but trackpad will not click and Kontrol itself will not respond. No gigs for me this week! Glad to hear they’re looking into it though.


      1. Thanks for ur reply… Just wondering if you’ve heard of these problems with the S4mk2? I may just have to go and upgrade


      2. I’ve just been spinning, 2 two hour sets on a MK2 with the same Retina with no problems at all. Guess that’s called a forced upgrade

    1. Hi from Spain!! I´m having the same problem, Kontrol S4 MK1, Traktor 2.6.5 and my brand new Retina 15″ Mac book Pro since 2 weeks ago. Sometimes crash/freeze in your same way after 2 hours, sometimes after 2 mins… I tried everything, I´ve download old traktor drivers, and nothing, sometimes looks like is working fine but finally always crash in the same way, sound disappears, screen keeps scrolling music but laptop no respond. I changed the laptop the first time thinking that the issue was apple problem, but with the new one the same problem, i hope that NI resolves fast, ´cause this is a hell….

      1. Hi Alexander, from NZ! With the older laptop, was it Mavericks installed there too? I say cause I also have a DDJ-SR running the new Serato, and it did the same thing! Crashed before the 1 hr mark, so makes me think it’s defiantly an apple issue. Yes, hopefully this all gets sorted asap

      2. Hi, I bought the first one two weeks ago, and I changed it (in the shop of course) for the same laptop model (new, I open the box two days ago), every configuration is the same, mavericks, hard disk, everything…. And I have news, I just installed tractor 2.6.6 updated, and continues crashing/freezing 😦

      3. My laptop is Mac Book Pro Retina 15″ bought December 15 2013:

        System: OS X 10.9.1
        Process: 2GHz Intel Core i7
        Memory: 8GB 1600 MHz DDR3

    2. DUDE! I have searched the internet far and fucking wide and this is the first group of people I’ve found having my EXACT SAME issue. WORD FOR WORD. Native Instruments says they have no idea, and they just want to replace my S4 😦

      1. I’d take the replacement, but it doesn’t seem like it will be a permanent fix? Let us know what you decide to do and if it helps! Thanks!

      2. Got replacement unit… same exact issue. NI has told me they have done everything they can to troubleshoot my issue and have no more courses of action to take at this time. Unreal.

  11. My Traktor Pro 2.6.5, Kontrol S4 and Macbook Pro Retina (late 2013) is far from working great. The complete systems freezes only to be restored by pressing and holding the power button. My Macbook is brand-new and running Mavericks. Apparently not a stable foundation for running Traktor Pro.

    1. This sucks that so many people are having issues! I will make NI aware of this thread and hopefully they can give us some information.

      1. I have contacted NI via the support site and left a detailed description of my Traktor issue. They replied quickly and sent me a link to a NI support tool that I needed to run in order to collect more information about my configuration.

        The first sentence of their reply was: “We are currently investigating this matter heavily as you are not the first one reporting this. Please send us the results of the “Support Tool” in order to evaluate your system drivers (see further below).”

        So they are working on it and I can only hope that they find a quick fix to this annoying problem.

      2. Thanks so much for taking the time to inform us all here on Traktor Tips – I will pass your update on the next news show too!

      3. Let’s hope the new Traktor release offers more stability. Haven’t heard any news yet from NI Support.

      4. I am not sure if they really understand my issues. I got a mail that they expect to present a solution for the “freeze problems” with the Traktor Kontrol S4 MkII next week. But for the MkI they still have no solution nor do they have a workaround.

      5. Yeah that sucks – I would set up another ticket with a more detailed explanation, linking to the previous ticket.

      6. Borrowed a Traktor Kontrol S4 MkII from To my surprise no problems whatsoever in combination with my MacBook Pro Retina.

        So in my situation easy to pinpoint the problem to my Traktor Kontrol S4 MkI.

      7. Hi Emile! Download the new Mavericks Update 10.9.2, it seems to be working like a charm. No freezes for me for the past 2 tests ( a 7 hour auto mix) and a (3 hour practice set)

      8. Bought myself a Maschine Studio, which works fine using the audio interface of the Macbook. But as soon as I use the Traktor Kontrol S4 audio interface, everything freezes! It’s been almost 4 months now….and no solution whatsoever from Native Instruments. Extremely disappointing!

  12. my S2 isn’t working!!! 😦 traktor works, after a re-install… but the S2 refuses to show the slightest sign of life…

    1. Did you make sure to grab the new S2 drivers from the Service Center? Can’t say anything about an S2, but my S4 works just fine.

      1. Yes – grab the drivers – I haven’t heard too much about issues with the S2 – check out the forum on NI too.

  13. For now I’m sticking to Lion, I remember doing the upgrade to Mountain Lion on both my macbooks and ran into several issues. I don’t need any features from the new OSX so I’m not upgrading.

  14. I had a quick play with Traktor on my S4 and everything worked as it should. I’ve found my laptop is running better than it did on Mountain Lion (which would occasionally freeze due to something graphics related). Mid 2010 MacBook Pro.

    1. I’ll second (or third) that, too. Traktor and my S4 are working great, as are Ableton (9.1 beta), Maschine, and all my plugins. I didn’t expect it, but all kinds of simple operations seem speedier and slicker.

    2. I’m excited to update – I jut need to:
      a) wait for the Mark 1 X1 thing to be ironed out and
      b) wait ’til I go to the city to use decent speed internet for download!

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