Your Questions: Do I need a WiFi Router to use Wi-Fi DJ Controller?

In relation to the Touch OSC app on the iPad, Marcio Garcia asks: “If I don’t have a wifi server, this app can not be used, right?”
The question was recently posted on a video, in which I showcased the Touch OSC iPad app.
For those unfamiliar, Touch OSC is a way in which you can control the functions of Traktor software using either an iPad or an iPhone. You are able to create, build and customize your own set ups for touch OSC making either very simple, or more elaborate controls based on your requirements.

touch osc video screenshot

Traktor Tips Answer:

Whilst you certainly can use a wifi router to connect your iPad to your laptop, it is not a necessary requirement. As you do not need the internet for this marriage to occur, you are able to create a completely independent wi-fi network directly from your computer. Let me show you how.

Mac Users

Watch the short video to find out how you can create a home network to wirelessly control Traktor using your iPad or iPhone.

PC Users

Although I am not a PC user it seems pretty simple to set up. You simply need to set up a new network connection in the Network and sharing centre on your PC.

  • Start Button > Control Panel.
  • In the search box type ‘network’.
  • Select the ‘Network and Sharing Centre‘.
  • Click ‘Set up New Connection or network‘.
  • Then click ‘Set up wireless ad hoc (computer to computer) network.
  • Click ‘next‘ and follow through the wizard.

For more details head over to the windows help pages.

There are a few more intricate steps to get Touch OSC fully functioning, but I trust this is a satisfactory answer showing you that you do not need a router for this type of Wi-Fi control.

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