Native Instruments Release Traktor 2.6.5 – Still problems

mavericks traktor 2.6.5Apple users might rejoice in the very recent release of the Traktor 2.6.5 expecting that it fixes the OSX Mavericks compatibility issues! Unfortunately word already is, that it doesn’t.

Despite the many complaints on the Native Instruments forum and a few things I recently summed up in my most recent News Show (published on the same day as the newest Traktor Release) This does not address the issues.

One comment on the forum simply states:

I installed traktor 2.6.5 and still the same problem with the X1. is Unbelievable that the problem continues.

ni forum post mavericks issues

Just remember it is a different experience for everyone. What may work for one, may not for another. I would personally recommend doing a clean install of Mavericks. Research this option fully however as it will be a lot of work and you need to be 100% confident with the back up process.

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17 thoughts on “Native Instruments Release Traktor 2.6.5 – Still problems

  1. I’m have mavericks 10.9.2 and traktor 2.6.7 installed…im facing the same problem as others of glitches and pops right in the middle of the set….. really an embarrassing situation…is there a catch to it….my config for the laptop is 2.2 ghz / i7 /16 gb RAM /460 gb hd free space/17 inches…need help!!!!

  2. I only recently downloaded Mavericks. Nothing but trouble on my recent gig. I should have checked it better… Today a Traktor-guy told me how to solve the problem of my non-working X1. And now I notice my F1 doesn’t work at all (on Traktor Scratch Pro 2.6.8). Is there a simple solution for this problem as well? Thanks!

  3. Well I got the Traktor X1 mk 1 and S4 however still using the older traktor software and on mavericks and no crashes at all, everything working 100%

    Maybe it’s something in the new software causing glitches, good to find this now as was about upgrade in a day or two after the weekend.

  4. Hi I also had problems with mavericks on a macbook pro using 2.6.6 ever since the mavericks update so after many headaches I decided to revert back to os x 9.7.5 and that seems to have solved my many issue’s with traktor! I would do this for all the people with maverick’s issues

  5. I’ve never had my traktor crash like it did last night while in a gig. It crashed twice within a couple minutes of one another.
    I run traktor on a windows os on a Samsung i7 laptop. Looking at trying to uninstall 2.6.5 and drop back down to 2.6.4.

    1. Most often it’s down to a corrupt track. Maybe try and re-create the crash by playing the track you played at the time it crashed!

  6. Update – 2013 November 17th – Traktor 2.6.5 is still crashing on my mac. The new Fresh install of Controller Editor also continues to Crash. Until NI is on board with Mavericks, I recommend avoiding any future updates unless you buy new products. What a nightmare…

  7. i am running traktor 2.6.5 on a windows 7 with a sony vaio corei3. i am having issues i need help with asap! i have no remix deck or sample deck option what so ever only options i have are “track deck & Live Input” now this is causing me major confusion and headaches after uninstalling everything and reinstalling all my software trying to get my F1 is work. any suggestions?!

  8. instead of trolling other sites, why not do the test yourself, after all you are supposed to be experts ! I am running 2.6.5 on Windows 8.1 and OSX 10.9 (on a hackingtosh laptop) and they both run fine with KontrolS4 mk1, audio 4DJ,8DJ, Kontrol F1, Pioneer DJM-T1 even the numark 4TRAK works and that hasn’t worked well since windows 8. Are they gig ready ? Well try a 5 hour gig last weekend, no hitches and I was using vinyl timecode at it’s lowest latency.

    You will always get someone moaning in the NI forums, most “DJ’s” today are 15 year kids in the bedrooms having no knowledge of how to keep a PC or MAC clean enough to reliably DJ with.

    1. That’s good news that your set up is working. I see though, that you have not listed the X1mark 1. This is what is causing the main problem according to the majority of posts.
      You raise a valid point, that many of the issues people are experiencing could be from a badly maintained computer, caused by downloading sketchy torrents or searching the net for shady stuff. Despite this I am doing my best to bring information to people by scouring the web, regardless of their age and levels of understanding.
      I will not be updating my main working laptop for the time being based on the reports, even the forum moderator confirms an issue. As you mention though, I should do the test myself, perhaps when I get chance, I will update Traktor on my iMac and report back.
      The problem I have is I live in the middle of nowhere with the slowest Internet EVER. 1.5Mbps download, so installing Mavericks means my computer is out of action for 24 hours and I get stung on additional gigs when I go over. Plus, I want to do a clean install and wiping my drive right now is not high on my priority list.

      The most important thing to me is having a working computer, so I won’t be touching my Mac OS just yet.
      Thanks for contributing to the site.

  9. Wondering if this update would be safe with S2 controller?mmmmmm Think i will wait, if it aint broke i aint fixing!

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