Traktor News Show – Mavericks, VU Meters, Controller Hate & More

Welcome to the 3rd episode of the traktor news show. You can get involved in the comments right on youtube or below on this page.

If you ant the links to al the stories visit the news show on Youtube. Stories covered include:-

  • Mavericks and Traktor issues
  • VU Meters
  • Soundcloud updates
  • F1 Mapping Review
  • Archive Playlists Tip
  • Advice to back up Phil from Digital DJ Tips regards ‘Controller Hate’.
  • New technology for sending music tags over the internet

Now Watch
1st News Show – Pulselocker Goodies
2nd News Show – DJ Endo F1 Mapping


13 thoughts on “Traktor News Show – Mavericks, VU Meters, Controller Hate & More

    1. They certainly look cool – who knows what Traktor is upto in their development, you may, or you may not! It certainly would be a nice addition!

      1. Is there anything that would cause problems when trying to map loudness and V/U to the same LED display?

    1. Sorry about that – if it’s not edited like that it’s slow and boring – I want to supply you all with information quickly and concisely. In previous videos I received comments that it is all a little slow. I’m sure with time I will get the balance perfect – thanks for the feedback!

      1. Couldn’t you, once you know what to say, rerecord it, and preferably in one single shot? Or, at the very least, at most one shot per sentence.

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