Latest Allen & Heath Xone K2 mapping from DJ Animine

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor those who have been reading Traktor Tips for a while now, you’re likely to remember a mapping that was provided by one of our Friday Guest Mix DJ’s DJ Animine. Well Animine is back with a new and improved mapping for the Allen and Heath K2. This time it is set up to control 4 decks, but with the intention of using two K2’s together. So those lucky enough to own Xone K2’s this is for you!

The first K2 is set up to control deck A and C, whilst the second is set up to control decks B and D.
Check out what Animine has to say:

Notes from Animine – Xone K2 mapping

Xone K2It’s been a while since I shared my original mapping for a single Allen & Heath Xone K2 controller. In the meantime I have worked out a 4 deck mapping to be used with two A&H Xone K2 controllers.

My setup consists of these 2 controllers, plus a Native Instruments Audio 10 sound card, an A&H Xone 92 mixer and a NI Maschine controller which is run in step sequencer mode. This setup allows me to run 4 decks simultaneously in Traktor and at the same time have Maschine act as a drum machine on one of the AUX channels on the Xone mixer. I won’t go into too much details of the setup, unless somebody wants a full description on how to setup and use it? (use the comments below)

Again it was my goal to keep the mapping simple, so no layers used in this mapping as with 2 controllers in use, you already have enough buttons to keep track of when you’re playing. What I’ve basically done is divide each controller into 2 halves, controller 1 (left) is for decks A & C, whilst the other controller (right) serves decks B & D.

Tip: connect the first controller via USB cable, but connect the second controller via the X:Link cable, it saves a USB port on your laptop.
mapping-mapEach controller is divided into 2 sections by drawing a straight line down the middle, dividing the decks as described above.

The left controller is connected on MIDI channel 14 and the right controller on channel 15. Learn how to set the MIDI channel on your K2 controller.

If you want to check out the details of the TSI file, I would advise you to use either the Native Instruments Controller Editor, or use the Xtreme Mapping app (Mac only). Both these tools allow you to view or edit the mapping file full screen mode instead of using the tiny Controller Editor window within Traktor.

Specific Functions Contained in this Mapping

  • Transport control for both decks
    • Browser Open/Close
    • Tree Browse
    • List Browse
    • Load
    • Play
    • Cue
    • HotCue 1
    • Pitch Control
    • Sync
    • Set Loop On/Off
    • Set Loop Length
    • Search in Track (Fwd/Rwd)
    • Clock Sync to Sync external Midi Devices
    • FX Control for all 4 decks
    • Dry/Wet Control via faders for FZ Units 1 & 2 (F1 1 on left controller, FX2 on right controller)
    • Turn FX Unit 1 & 2 On/Off per deck
    • Turn 3 effects of FX unit 1 On/Off
    • Turn 3 effects of FX unit 2 On/Off
    • Control 3 effects / Parameters via faders for Both effects Units
  • EQ control
    • Gain control via knob
    • Key control via knob
    • Filter Control via knob
    • Push button to turn each control on/off
    • Cue A & Cue B for pre-listening of tracks on headphones

I have included some LED feedback in the mapping which I thought would be handy to keep an overview on these compact controllers. The following controls have been mapped:

  • Loop Active will show GREEN
  • FX units 1 & 2 ON will show AMBER when activated, OFF when de-activated
  • PLAY button will blink in GREEN when deck is playing
  • Active Effect 1, 2 or 3 will show up GREEN
  • Gain, Key & Filter controls will show AMBER when active
  • SYNC button will show RED when active
  • HotCue 1 will show RED when active

How to Get this Mapping

(EDIT: Unfortunately DJ Animine has disappeared from the internet altogether and I am unable to locate this updated mapping – the old mapping is still available through the link on this page)

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