Update to Kontrol S4 Midi Mapping

A short while back I created a midi mapping for the mark 1 Kontrol S4. The inspiration for this mapping came from the release of the Kontrol s4 mark 2 and I wanted to copy native instruments newest layout and have the flux mode mapped to the tempo offset buttons. Since I released this mapping it has been downloaded nearly 200 times. The original mapping works great, but following some suggestions and feedback from some users (especially “eRiC mIxTaPe”), I decided to make some additions to the mapping.

Kontrol S4 mapping V2

In this second mapping I have added functionality to the right offset button, which now resets the tempo fader to zero. It also lights up when the tempo is set to zero. I have also added ‘soft-take-over’ functionality to the volume faders.

You will find more details in the download package.

(The mapping is temporarily unavailable – check back soon)

The package contains full details of how to install and use the mapping, but if you pick things up better in video format, then you can watch the video below:

Mapping out controllers to suit your own DJ style is a very liberating thing. I recommend that once you have found your groove, you try to think outside the box to incorporate your own style into whatever controller you have. You can find a few more pointers in the midi section of Traktor Tips.


15 thoughts on “Update to Kontrol S4 Midi Mapping

  1. I truly hate to troll comments, but I really need help here: can anyone one help me map my S4 Mark1? I want to map any rotary button to crossfader curve. I am worried that if I try I will ruin something. thanks

  2. Thanks for the tsi! This is exactly what I was trying to do, but for some reason I couldn’t get it to work. Using your file did the trick and the soft temp takeover is a real bonus — it should have been that way to begin with.

    1. Yeah, I love using the S4 with this tsi – Happy you do too – thanks for the great feedback!

  3. Any chance you guys can send another link to my email, I can’t seem to find a way to get the s4 mapping download link to send :/

      1. Sorry guys, the reason the download is set up the way, is to reduce my workload. It is automated and as such once you sign up to the newsletter, you will receive a link in your sign up confirmation email. I will be sending it out again in the next few days to all on the list. (it already went out to the list the day I made it) Thanks.

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