Video: DJ Set for DE Radio – Dec 11th

It’s a first for me; video recording a DJ Set. I’ve never thought about doing it before, but I realised after watching so many boiler room TV sets, that it’s quite enjoyable watching someone else mix. I also thought it may be beneficial to some of you to learn about my set up, or at least one version of it. So below is the video of my DE Radio set from December 11th 2013. Below the video I explain the set up a little.

Set Up

I am using Traktor Pro 2 on a 13″ Mac Book Air with 8GB Ram. The video was recorded using the built in quicktime on the same computer, but the audio came from Traktor.


I have the Audio 8 connected to Traktor, with the mixing set to external.
djm600Decks A, B, and C are then connected to the Pioneer DJM 600.

I then have the ‘record out’ from the DJM600 routed back into the Audio 8 (Deck D). This deck is then set to the external record, so that I can record the audio. This audio recording was then aligned with the video using final cut pro.

mxl 770 condenser micDeck D is also set to live output and routed to the DJM600 – This channel is simply used for monitoring the outgoing mix. The reason I need this, is to monitor the volume of my voice compared to the music when speaking into the mic. The mic is an MXL 770 condenser mic. This needs to be routed through a phantom power unit as the DJM600 does not have that built in. I’m using the Behringer PS400.

When I speak, I have to lower the Master output so I don’t get feedback into the mic. Lowering the master output does not affect the ‘Record Out’. The mic is connected to the XLR input on the DJM600.


Deck C is a Remix Deck with the ‘jingle’ assigned to a cell. The jingle is the voiceover created by my good friend Sylvie. I am using the kontrol F1 to trigger this ‘jingle’ and routing it into channel one of the DJM600.

  • I also have a Kontrol X1 (MK1) connected which I am using mainly to control effects and browsing functions.
  • The CDJ 900 is connected via USB and is set to control Traktor via Advanced HID mode. I am changing the CDJ control from decks A and B in-between each track, meaning I only need to use one CDJ for every mix. I am not using the sync option, except in one of the mixes, where I was running out of time.

DJ Set up for DE Radio Set

I did no preparation for this set and as such I was using the laptop for browsing the tracks, typing in track names and reading about them so I can announce them on the mic.

I don’t always use this exact set up, as in the past I have used the Kontrol S4 (MK1) for my radio shows. When this is the case, I do still use the DJM600 for the Mic and routing the recording back into the S4.

I hope you not only enjoyed the mix, but that my description of the set up shines a light on how you too can maybe make something similar.

You will soon be able to download this entire set on soundcloud.

Also find my DJ Page on Facebook

Happy DJ’ing.


6 thoughts on “Video: DJ Set for DE Radio – Dec 11th

  1. Great piece, I have watched many DJ sets and this is the first where someone used the ‘webcam’ to do it and I enjoyed it. It look’s like you are looking at your audience rather than head down just mixing. Like the information about the set up. I’m returning to the scene after like most my age work/family life took my time up. I have brought a secondhand F1 and X1 just on the look out for a Z1.

    The cat just lying there like it is the norm is great.

    Keep it up 🙂


    1. Thanks for your awesome words Phil, I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Glad you are back into the game and I wish you good luck with getting everything fired back up! Enjoy….

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