Traktor News Show – Beatport Layoffs & more

We are now on Show number 6, meaning the show has been running for almost 3 months. I will be taking a break and will be skipping the next show in 2 weeks but will be back after the Holidays for a show on January 13th.

Enjoy the show, see you in 2014:


Beat Port Layoffs – Tech Crunch
Joris Voorn’s Tweet – Twitter
Free Music Downloads – Juno
Free Traktor Pro 2 with Kontrol Z1 – Native Instruments
What are peolpe using the F1 for? – Digital DJ Tips
Mad Zach’s Mad Skills – Youtube
Remix Sets – Native Instruments
Dubfire – Youtube
Mavericks Discussion – Traktor Tips
Amazing Graffiti Video – Loudat Blog
Watergate Movie – YouTube
My DJ Set up for Radio Show – Traktor Tips

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