Top 10 Traktor Tips Articles of 2013

As everyone else is doing it, I thought I might as well join in on the fun and create a top ten list of the most popular articles from Traktor Tips over the last 12 months. So here they are starting with number 10:

10. Endo’s Kontrol F1 Mapping Review

Yes, Endo created a cool little mapping for the Kontrol F1 and I took it for a spin:

“If you thought the Kontrol F1 was a waste of time or just wasn’t the controller for you, DJ Endo’s new mapping might change your perception of this awesome controller? In this article I take a look at DJ Endo’s new Kontrol F1 4 deck mapping and demonstrate how you might use this mapping to best suit your needs.”
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9. Midi Mapping in Traktor

It seems that more and more people are learning how to map their own controllers, this allows you more creative freedom and customizable possibilities:

“With so many options available to us for control methods of Traktor, I can imagine that unless you are using the standard controllers with the included standard tsi files, then there isn’t 2 people out there with the exact same controller or midi mapping settings.
This is the beauty of Traktor; the individuality that it can provide all of the DJ’s using the software.”

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8. Making multiple iTune Libraries

If you’re a little lost with music libraries, I recommend you take my basics course where I talk in depth about setting up different libraries, but if you’ve already got a handle on all that, then you can see how to make multiple iTunes Libraries to fit your needs.

“The subject of how to organize music is rather a large one. Many articles have been written on this very important aspect of any DJ’s workflow. There is no right or wrong way to organize music, but there are certainly some great tips on how you can use the tools at your disposal to make the management of your music easier. This article explains how to use multiple libraries in iTunes to organize your music. This will enable you to locate tracks easier, streamlining your workflow.”
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7. Organizing Music Files

Sticking with the music library theme, it appears people like to keep organized and going into the new year with a clean set up is something i Highly recommend. This particular article was provided by a guest writer Tight Point.

“Organizing Music! Music nerd heaven? Gigantic pain in the ass? Whatever your viewpoint, as a dj using Traktor, chances are your hard drive is awash with mp3s, and finding the one you want when mixing can be a challenge.
There are a thousand and one lengthy articles on organizing music, so if like me you tend towards distraction when overloaded with tech talk, you need a simple and effective way to keep track (sic) of your tracks. Here is what I do:”

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6. How the gear Slut Kills your Talent

I realised one day that I spend too much time gawping at new equipment when I could simply be spending that time DJ’ing and having fun, so I wrote my thoughts on the subject.

“When starting out to DJ, the choices you have for gear to use are extremely vast. Not only do you have to choose the format; CD, Vinyl, Digital (or a mixture of the three), but then have to choose which manufacturer to hand over your money to. Because the industry is now so huge, that’s not where it stops! The gear slut in you is constantly on the search for more gear or the next piece of equipment and you need to keep this in check.”
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5. Traktor Faces Serious Competition

Despite being a very recent article, this one has made it into the top 5 already. I specifically talk about how I feel Pioneer’s 2013 release of the XDJ-R1 could be a real threat to the Kontrol S4.

“Traktor and Serato have been the leaders in the world of DVS (Digital Vinyl Systems) with other manufacturers creating devices that are designed to work with either Traktor or Serato products. More recently however, other big brands, such as Pioneer are now venturing deeper into their own versions of digital DJ software.
As the DJ Industry gains momentum it seems as though other DJ companies are starting to pull away from supporting these leaders and breaking into their own product lines. This is great for diversity, but what does it mean for Traktor?”

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4. 5 Things to Consider when Buying a Laptop

Whilst the article uses a Macbook Air as reference and gets a little Macbook specific, the article does suggest some important things to factor in to any computer purchase.

“You knew the time would come, your dj laptop is getting slow, the screen won’t shut anymore, the WI-FI connection drops more than it should, there are vibrating noises that shouldn’t be happening and you’re at the end of your 2nd batteries life. Technology is jumping further and further ahead making your computers start up procedure feel like you’re in quicksand.”
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3. Focus and Become a Better DJ

If you find yourself scouring the web more than you DJ, then this article is for you:

“In a world with so many distractions, it can be difficult to remain focused on your tasks and intentions. With streams and streams of information competing for our attention, we are constantly bombarded with distractions in the form of pictures, promises and fancy sparkling objects. In order to become a better DJ you need to remain focused.”
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2. Keyboard Shortcuts

Whilst the keyboard shortcuts are firmly planted in the Traktor manual, people seem to always search the internet for them. That’s why I put them here for you to enjoy.

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1. Mavericks

Yes Mavericks is number One and not for a good reason! There has been so much frustration with many people who have updated their Mac’s to Mavericks only to find certain things not working properly. And it’s not over yet. If you want to join the debate or find out what the latest is on Mavericks and various compatibilities, this might be for you:

“It appears that the main gripe is with the Traktor Kontrol X1 mark one not working. There is a whole forum post on this subject, the Moderator, Karlos Santos, is taking these complaints officially to the support teams, so we should be seeing a fix fairly soon.
An initial suggestion to fix the issue is to run the set up wizard in Traktor after install. This seem to work for most, but is not 100% rock solid. Running the wizard will delete various settings and to me this just seems like too much hassle.”

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Thanks to All my Readers

I wanted to thank all of you out there, every single one of you that has read anything on my pages. By you commenting, and spreading ‘Traktor Tips’, you are helping other people become proficient in the use of Traktor and you are full-filling my dream of helping as many people as possible with their DJ needs.
Thanks to you all. I plan to continue helping people into 2014, if there is anything you would like to see in the coming year, please let me know.

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