Custom Traktor DJ Unit – No Laptop Required!

DJ JEFX has created his very own custom built DJ unit that houses his Traktor Kontrol S2 and iPad and it looks very cool.

JEFX Traktor Kontrol S2 iPad Unit

I spotted JEFX on google plus and saw his images. I contacted him to see if he was willing to share his design on Traktor Tips and he thankfully agreed. His design allows the Traktor DJ App User to incorporate the new Traktor Kontrol S2 with the iPad in an all in one casement unit.

This is a home project just for himself, but I am sure he would love to be in a position to create this for many and who knows, maybe this could go into mass production?

In the meantime though, JEFX happily explains his process down below.

JEFX Writes:

The build process began after I realized how much I liked using a iPad and Traktor DJ App more than a bulky laptop.

A notebook with separate audio interface and separate controller, plus all the power cords always felt too cluttered to me. The iPad feels more musical and I think it will eventually replace the bulky notebook / laptop for many DJ’s.

Traktor DJ has been very reliable and does not “crash”, the controller works great with no latency issues.

I basically came up with the idea to make something that is simple yet looks good.

I bought some wood from my local hardware store and made this in a few hours.

It is actually only two pieces of wood cut and put together with screws, heavy duty velcro holds the S2 and iPad in place and all the stickers came with the S2 and Maschine.

The usb cable has a hole drilled through the wood to get to the iPad.

I have always wanted to design new midi controllers, I have so many ideas for new design layouts, I hope to help design one someday. More videos will be made and posted to my Youtube page in the next few weeks.
DCIM100GOPROSide view JEFX S2 ipad stand

JEFX in action on his new Casement Unit

Be sure to check out more from JEFX on his YouTube Channel and SoundCloud.

If you have a cool self built case or something equally interesting to share please contact Traktor Tips and we can get it out in front of thousands of people.

For our Basics Traktor Course you can sign up right here.



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