Lost on DE Radio Jan 15th 2014

al churchill on de radioEach month I attempt to post a DJ set on Traktor Tips. Sometimes I fail and miss the mark, but this month, I’ve managed to get it right!

For those of you that tuned in Live, you would’ve seen the live tweets with the track listing (I will add this soon)

In meantime, don’t worry about the track names and simply enjoy listening to them.

Each month I play live on DE Radio and feature another DE Radio artist for the 2nd hour of the set – this month I feature Christauff.

Set Up

This time round I used the Kontrol S4, connected to a spare channel on the DJM600, which then routed back into channel D on the S4, which then was routed to the internal audio recorder and to nicecast (for streaming to live radio). My condenser mic is connected directly to the DJM600. I use a Kontrol F1 for launching my radio jingles.

Watch the video of last months set and see how I have that set up too.

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