Bridging the Gap between New and Old School DJ’s

It’s an ongoing debate and one that’s firmly routed in ego; “Which form of DJ’ing is the best!?” Well, in an attempt to bring both types of practice closer together and to create less separation between the two schools, it’s time we changed our way of thinking.

DJ TLM has posted a video that might just help you realize the importance of how working together is the only way forward.
In a ‘dog eat dog‘ world, which I like to refer to as the old paradigm of competition and separation, we would all be competing for the top spot, all out to stab each other in the back and would live an ‘everyman for himself‘ kind of mentality. Well this is changing and it’s down to all of us to accept this and to harmonize the system a little here.

All of us on this planet are part of something special and those of us that choose the creative arts as a hobby or form of expression are that step closer to enlightenment. The creatives amongst us, know that special feeling of channeling something. Be it music, painting, photography, dance, or writing; those that partake in the arts understand there are unknown forces at work when they create.

Creatives tap into a field of connection and infinite possibilities, they understand that their work does not come solely from them, but from the amalgamation of the countless people before them, from collaboration with others, be they physical or spiritual. This is why as human beings we all need to work together, we need to support each other and understand the importance of helping and teaching others in a kind and gentle way.

It’s time to let go of old outdated beliefs of separatism and ego and to embrace the all encompassing oneness of our special place in this world.

I encourage you to watch the video below from DJ TLM as his wise words have inspired me to write this piece. Again, this is proof that we all work together to achieve the ultimate goal of peace and unity.

Happy DJ’ing to all beautiful souls…..


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