Same Buttons, Different Box?

box of buttons

The fundamentals of DJ’ing have not changed and will never change. The essence of DJ’ing, is to play music for others to enjoy. Whilst there are unlimited ways that this can be done, it is still geared around the same end goal of crafting together a playlist of interesting music that creates a required atmosphere. For this reason, the overflowing pot of devices, gadgets and button boxes, is beginning to annoy me.

I am slowly losing interest in ‘product announcements‘ or ‘the next best thing’ and the NAMM show has been of no interest to me what-so-ever.

Whilst I am in Love with DJ’ing and Music Production, I am not in Love with cheap gimmicks and wasteful manufacturing.

Over the last 20 years of DJ’ing, I have seen many different pieces of equipment, all purporting to be the next best thing and whilst often it’s nice to test out the pretty lights and buttons, ultimately they ALL do the same thing.

Yes I understand that there are some minor differences here and there and certain products achieve the same goal with better workflow, but seriously, how many different ways are we gonna arrange the same buttons into a different box!?

What’s your point of view!?

photo credit: Spikenzie

5 thoughts on “Same Buttons, Different Box?

  1. I agree Alan however the advantage to this is that any DJ can create their ultimate setup and workflow relative to what they like or prefer. My friend spins using two X1’s and I prefer an S2 as I need my jog wheels. I cannot be without them. Even though I have used this setup and can I personally prefer jog wheels. Choice is good. Claiming to be the next best thing? I don’t think such a thing exists any longer as you say. The best thing I have seen of late is the fact that Pioneer created a controller with two sound cards and two USB inputs for DJ’s to be able to change on the fly. That is a great innovation achievable by the advancement of technology and the accessibility of the technology. Would I buy it just for that? No however the fact that it exists means we will start to see more setups incorporated into future products like this.

    1. Thanks for the comment Mark – I agree with what you say here. It is great that a DJ’s workflow is now so customizable. The more soneone plays the more they figure out about their style and can devise a sweet workflow.

      Because I tech so many different set ups, I have to keep moving from one to another and therefore seem to lose my own particular style and flow, dabbling a little in each set up is great but also spreads your talents thinly. I am slowly building the ‘perfect’ set up for myself.

      Once it is perfect, I guarantee another box with buttons will come out and tempt me away from ‘perfection’. 🙂

      1. I have, it has the perfect portability and just the right amount of knobs for the task.
        Just recently I’ve discovered the novation launch control. Not so slim as LPD8 but the amount of knobs is very alluring.

        Point is, all the buttons I need are on the laptop keyboard, and that is 4 deck transport control with cuepoints and looping. All side-by-side, no active-pasive-deck/page-1-2-3-4 confusion.

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