Save Ibiza from Oil Drilling

As many of my regular reader/viewers are aware I am hugely into the environment and it came of great joy to me to hear that many big name DJ’s are getting together to defend the clubbing isle of Ibiza from the possibility of Oil Drilling off the coastline.


I fist became aware if this from a tweet from Tocadisco where he was calling for an end to the Oil Industry. I suggested we push for solar powered clubs in Ibiza, to which he agreed would be a great idea.
In the meantime however, the petition is growing and I encourage you all to sign it by following the link below:-

>>Sign to stop Oil Drilling off the coast of Ibiza<<
pete tong no oil petition

2 thoughts on “Save Ibiza from Oil Drilling

  1. Right and those are the same dj’s who fly around the world all the time from gig to gig in fueled airplanes? Save thew world? Support your local dj’s!!!

    1. haha – true enough!

      I wanted to write an article about the environmental effects of club land! Would need a lot of research! It certainly isn’t the most environmentally friendly job in the world!

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