Is the DJ Art form Changing? – Traktor News Show

This weeks News Show contains some new products, a competition winner and some thoughts on the direction of DJ’ing. Plus your chance to save Ibiza from Oil exploration and some cool recommendations for things to watch across the web.

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2 thoughts on “Is the DJ Art form Changing? – Traktor News Show

  1. I believe the lines are, and have been blurring between DJ/Musician for the past few years. My personal belief is you don’t have to crazy performance stuff (a la Deadmau5’s cube) to put on a good showing.I’m not even concerned if a DJ uses the sync button. Most people, in my humble opinion under-value the technical skill of DJing. In conclusion, just play songs and read the crowd well. If I get a performance while I’m at the club, it’s a bonus, but isn’t required.

    1. well said kevin, i think there are 2 distinct groups of ‘artists’, the DJ purest and the live performer. The lines are definitely blurring though. Thanks

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