Your DJ Set Ups: Double Kontrol F1 with DJT

In a world with so many options available to DJ’s as to what work flow you can have, it can be a challenge to find the right set up for you. In this feature we take a look at one of our readers’ set ups. DJT provides us with an explanation of her double Kontrol F1 set up and how she uses it.

DJT Set Up

I’ve had a college radio show for over 3 years and started using Traktor with a Macbook Pro, less than a year ago. I was using Mixx, but I wanted a program that was more stable and supported. I came into the duel F1’s shortly after that. My show has been described as:

“Walking the line between a tight mix and insanity, well”

double F1
Hooked up to the sound board, I have three turntables, Traktor software, two Traktor Kontrol F1’s, Gameboy Color, and Korg Electribe ER-1 & EA-1 [not pictured here]. With Traktor, I usually have two track decks open and two remix decks open.

If I have made specific remix decks for my show, I will use the duel F1’s simultaneously, to control 2 remix decks. I also load tracks, into track decks, to remix and capture samples on the fly.

Depending on how I have to transition, I may set my second F1 to the new remix deck. I just began experimenting with MIDI mode and placed one of the F1’s face plates over the controls.

With one F1 committed to MIDI, I use only one track deck/remix deck at a time, but am really getting into the FX! I can get a really nice scratch FX using the Gater. I find that F1 navigation is pretty intuitive, considering I was using MIDI mode, with no faceplate, for a while.

I also like to experiment with the orientation of my F1’s. Sometimes a horizontal Kontrol is useful for a fingerdrum type mix.

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3 thoughts on “Your DJ Set Ups: Double Kontrol F1 with DJT

  1. I really enjoyed this quick read. I like learning about other DJ’s setups. There’s some interesting things to be learned from others workflow. Thank you for sharing!

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