Building a DJ Set up from Trash

mixer made from trashI stumbled across a video from 2012 and whilst many of you may have seen this before, I wanted to post it for those that may not have had the opportunity to witness this inspirational video.

When we see ourselves complaining about what DJ Gear we should be buying and expressing our ‘problems’ with the choices we have, be sure to spare a moment for this 15 year old from Sierra Leone.

Kelvin, who goes under the name DJ Focus, came to the attention of an MIT worker whilst on a an educational trip. Kelvin finds discarded electronic parts at the dump and has taught himself how to reverse engineer these parts to build his own radio transmitters, batteries and DJ Mixer.

I would love to see any of the Traktor Tips Readers Building a DJ Set up from Trash. If by any-chance you do, let me know.


2 thoughts on “Building a DJ Set up from Trash

  1. You know….they’re blowing this kid up all over the internet like he is some sort of electronics genius. Kudos to him for showing interest in electronics, but he needs an education and I expect that he will get one here in the states and hopefully be a successful electronics engineer. I’m not sure if that means he is MIT material, but I wish him good luck. Meanwhile we have so many brilliant minds here in the states creating new technology and medicines yet the media ignores them and everyone looks up to athletes and Hollywood celebrities. It’s all by design. The destruction of the west.

    1. I think the amazing thing here is the power of human capabilities and what people can achieve of they simply put their minds to it. This should not be about a divide between countries, this should be a celebration of the human spirit to endure and succeed. Unfortunately ‘patriotism’ is simply a way to generate more separatism and a way fro govts to generate an army.
      We need to focus on Love towards all and not just those in ‘our country’ we are all one race, the human race and we need to realise that. I respect anyone for the skills they have mastered.
      Thanks for adding your voice to the conversation.

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