Broadcast your DJ Set – An Introduction to Mixlr

I recently came across a service at and was listening to the Live Broadcast from another Traktor DJ and was impressed at the audio quality of his broadcast.

It turns out that he was broadcasting live from Toronto and only using the basic service which made it even more impressive and tempting to try myself.

Testing out Mixlr

This online service is available for Apple, PC and iPod and is a great tool for users to broadcast your DJ Sets.


The Broadcast tool is extremely simple, fast and easy to set up, and lets you select from a mix of selectable audio file lists, microphone, and one of several audio inputs available on your system.

The below graphic of the broadcast tool is active and lets you know you are live by rotating.


  • Level readouts are available for inputs and main output

You have the options to enter the ‘Title’ of your show or the name of your scheduled broadcast as well as selecting a test mode or the option to record and add to your showreel later.

  • Simple go/stop operation with minor buffering.


  • You can customize a show page graphic as well as a different chat icon separately if you choose.
  • A chat function is available if you sign in.
  • Will indicate if you are on the air, number of followers and the number you are following.
  • Identify current listeners if logged in or just “guests” that are not logged in.


You can schedule audience viewable notices of broadcasts.


Different notification options are also available:

More user selectable options are available but these are the main ones of interest.

There is a paid version available but the details and screen shots of the differences are not readily available.

The basic account fills the need for clear and reliable audio broadcasting.

It’s the best an simplest live audio broadcasting tool I have tested to date and I am signed up.

Author: Blade Sparx


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