DJ Set – Lost on DE Radio May 7

Set was aired live on DE Radio between 11am – 1pm May 7th 2014. Showcasing a selection of house and tech house music from the last few years.


    • Traktor Kontrol S4 – Mk 1
    • 1 x Technics 1210
    • 1 x CDJ 900 mk 1
    • Pioneer DJM600
    • Condenser Mic and phantom power

The CDJ and Technics turntable are connected up through the Kontrol S4 and the inputs are set to decks C & D. Decks C & D are set as ‘Live input’. Decks A & B are set to standard track decks. I have delay set up on effect unit one, which I later changed to a beatmasher.
Effects unit two is set up as a turntable stretch effect.

I had not prepared the set, however I did want to play some music that I had recently downloaded onto my USB stick. I had downloaded files in ALAC fom as I wanted to test them out, but soon realised that they wouldn’t play on the CDJ and whilst I could have moved the stick into the lap top and played them through Traktor, my spare USB port is faulty.

So I just went with what I had.

I will be uploading the mix to soundcloud for download very soon, this will include the first hour from the Alfredo Seixo Set.

For more of my DJ stuff you can follow on Facebook.

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