How to Mask Speed Change using the Delay Effect in Traktor

Some tracks can have two tempos, usually this is more noticeable in Drum & Bass or Hip Hop. The tempos here are half or double speed. For instance, you can mix a drum and bass track at 175 BPM into a hip hop track that has a tempo of 90 BPM, or more accurately 87.5 BPM.

This often works great, but can sometimes leave you with a track that sounds way faster than it should.

Say the speed of your hip hop track has been increased by 10%, therefore sitting at 99 BPM. When you go to mix in the 175 BPM track, you have to increase it to 198 BPM for it to match, but then you realise that it’s WAY too fast once the track gets going.

This is where using the delay effect to mask the sound of you slowing down the track comes in.

In the video below I will show you how to use the Delay effect in Traktor to mask the slowing down of your track. This method adds a little pizzaz to the mundane and sometimes unfortunate need to slow down a track.

For more information on mixing tracks with different BPM’s you can check out an article from Lamebot.


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