New Look Traktor Pro

There’s been much talk on the Native Instruments forum about a Traktor Graphical User Interface (GUI) upgrade and overhaul, yet no official statement has been given, as yet.

Lot’s of people are suggesting new features and new graphics, saying it’s time to make a change and make things a little more polished and shiny.

Traktor Pro 3 Prototype

Designer Joseph Cornelia, has drafted up what he imagines would be the next Traktor interface, or perhaps his version of a re-design.

new look traktor pro 3

Joseph seems to have cleaned up the GUI quite a bit, taking away the garish colours and making it a little more sleek. The crates look like they have been tweaked to show colours that might be used to correlate to a certain genre or energy of the tracks. Even the cue points seem to have been colour coded too.

An assignable equalizer has been introduced at the top of the screen, which can be set to monotor either deck A or B, or both at the same time, along with the option to monitor the record out, which seems to be denoted by a small microphone instead of the usual ‘tape’ symbol.

There also appears to be some kind of notification area in the top right, perhaps to notify you of updates or maybe similarly to that in Traktor DJ, it’s a place to find out about new tutorials?

Joseph seems to have moved a few things around to optimize the layout and to make it look cleaner. It kinda seems like a similar move Apple made when they went from Final Cut Pro 7 to Pro X.

The graphics look smoother and more up to date with todays standards.

Just a Mock up – For Now

Whilst this is just another random picture on the internet, I do like the where Joseph is taking this. It seems like the natural progression for Native Instruments to take Traktor.

Whatever happens, there MUST be something big happening this Autumn as NI have been strangely quite. Obviously we can never assume too much, but I am sure we can be somewhat excited with whatever Native Instruments will introduce to us in the coming months.

These images may simply be a design project for school, but if they transpire to be more than just that, and are infact the new upcoming design of the Traktor GUI, would you be happy with this upgrade?

Whilst there isn’t much more than I have mentioned here, you can head to Josephs “Dribble” account and see what he’s been playing with.

As I’ve said before, I’m not a fan of speculation, but I just wanted to share Joseph’s awesome work with you all.


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