The Answer Lies Within – Explore Your inner DJ

go-withinIt’s not often that an article on a DJ tips website talks about meditation, but It’s time one did, so stick with me and find out how you can discover your own path to “success”, with this uplifting ‘go-getter’ attitude piece of advice, that I dug up from within the realms of the unknown.

I try to walk a somewhat spiritual path. I meditate as often as possible, recently it has been a twice daily occurrence. And whilst I don’t do yoga, I do a kind of yoga inspired ‘stretching’. I find that meditation clears my mind and puts me in a state of flow. It helps me sort through the muddle of confusing thought patterns and myriad of ‘things’ we think we should be doing. It brings focus and calm to place of distraught mis-understanding and it is the basis on which this article is written.

If any of you have delved into the world of meditation, you will be able to back me up on this and have no doubt received some clarity. For those that have simply read about it, you will have potentially discovered some zen philosophies, including something similar to, “Whatever the question, the answer lies within.”

The Answer Does Lie Within

Our innocence and our purity has become adulterated. As we grow through countless situations, our view of the world becomes filtered through our own experiences. We teach ourselves through reactions, interactions and encounters. All of them teach us something, we begin to rely on external influences to mould our experiences, we loose touch with our own inner guidance and often look for our answers in the external world.

“How do I do this?”
“What do you think of that?”
“Should I get this?”

All of these questions can be answered by going within.

We are all very different, yet all the same. We have an internal guidance system, that when you attune to, guides you with grace and ease. Surrendering to the mystery of all, will place you exactly where you need to be. Whilst advice and guidance from external sources can act as good signposts, by going within, you can decide which signpost to follow.

Superficial Debates

You’ll notice I don’t have comments anymore on my posts. One reason for this, is to save you wasted time!

I’ve caught myself reading a quality article, only to be pulled lower by the intriguing commentary, which undoubtedly, begins to stir emotion and detracts from the information I have so gratefully devoured. The commentary takes me through a lower vibrational, egotistical meandering of opinions, displayed in a time consuming, energy-draining, infinity-scrolling, collapsing; tug of war, between two folks who I have never met and on whom I have no information as to their qualifications regarding the subject on which they are basing their uninteresting argument.

The majority of these ‘shit-flingers’ are about what kind of a DJ is best, or what equipment is best to use, or what makes a “Real” DJ. Well, it’s time someone told you, you are wasting your time by pinning your ego to the board. Unless of course it’s your ego that needs some attention, in which case, there’s something deeper missing from your life than simply an argument with a far flung unknown internet avatar. Going within will help you find out what that is and help you discover who you are. Once you know who you are, you will be able to feel out your path with a little more stability and confidence.

Unleash the True DJ Inside

screen-shot-2014-11-25-at-7-58-18-amThere’s a chance you ‘became’ a DJ to fill a void in your self confidence, but there’s also a chance it was because you wanted to share your taste in music with others and to share an innate understanding of beautiful melodies, to provide joy to an unsuspecting sea of ears.

If it’s the latter, then you have the potential to succeed.

To be honest, you have the potential to succeed no matter what. You simply need to follow your inner guidance.

By mastering your skills, and following your joy, or bliss as some call it, your needs will be uncovered. It will not work the other way around.

You will not find your inner DJ in a piece of a equipment, your inner DJ will determine your choices over time. You will not find yourself in material goods, but the tools will present themselves when the time is right. Stop searching for salvation in a midi controller.

Convert the time you spend confabulating with the projections of mysterious forum dwellers, into mastering your skill. Delve deep into your gifts of manipulating musically enhanced sine waves and spend time honing your gifts, your devotion will pay off. It’s only those that quit, or get distracted, that won’t achieve their goal.

The goal should not be fame base, because even achieving that can leave you empty and wanting more. The goal should be entrenched in the power of giving.

What do you have to GIVE to others? What’s your gift to the people?

Music can unite the masses, it can drive change, it can heal scars, you have the chance to make a difference in this world.

Delve inside, explore your inner DJ, find your calling and be the person you were destined to be.


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