Lost on DE Radio Show – December 2014

This month my LIVE radio show for DE Radio was recorded on video for you all to watch.

You also have the option of listening to the set on Soundcloud instead.

This months show features a guest mix from one of our readers, Conor McGovern. Conor’s set begins after one hour and is not featured in the video, but can be heard in the Soundcloud mix at the bottom of this page. The entire set is available for download so you can listen to it at your leisure.

I decided not to include the screen cast from Traktor, because I don’t like looking at the screen when DJ’ing, so I thought I’d save you from it too. I feel it much better to listen to the music and watch what I’m doing. Besides, as some of the tracks are on the CDJ’s only, the screen would be a little boring at times.

Set Up

For those interested in the set-up I am using the following DJ equipment:

  • Audio 8
  • Pioneer DJM 600 Mixer
  • Pioneer CDJ 900
  • Pioneer CDJ 900 Nexus
  • Kontrol X1 (mk1)
  • Kontrol F1
  • Condenser Mic with Phantom power
  • Sennheiser HD25’s

The CDJ’s are not controlling Traktor and are simply accessing music on the USB stick that is connected to the CDJ on the right side. They are joined together with an ethernet cable, so that the left player can access the music connected to the right one.

Traktor’s Track decks A & B are running from the audio 8 into channels 2 & 3 on the Mixer. The Remix Deck is on deck C and is connected through the right side of channel 1.

The CDJ’s are connected through channels 1 & 4 of the mixer with the left CDJ being connected through the right side of channel 1. This means I am unable to play the remix deck at the same time as the left CDJ, having to flick the switch between the two.

I am manually beat-matching between Traktor’s track decks and the CDJ’s using the nudge buttons on the X1.

All is being live streamed to DE Radio using Nicecast and recorded externally from the DJM600’s record output to Deck D (set to live input). This is why I have to switch the headphones into the audio 8 when speaking on the mic, so I can hear my voice level in comparison to the music level. I could also have wired deck D output to a channel on the mixer for monitoring this, however there wasn’t a free channel.

I used the Traktor audio recording to place alongside the video using final cut pro.

Soundcloud Version

If the video isn’t displaying above, then feel free to check into the mix below – it’s also available for download.