Top 10 Traktor Tips Reads of 2014

In true DJ website style, I have decided to place the top ten visited articles of 2014 into one all encompassing article. This mini chart was compiled using google analytics and as such is not necessarily a fair representation, as articles posted earlier in the year have a better chance of getting more hits than those posted later. But at least it will give you an idea of what people have been looking at during 2014.

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Print10. New Look Traktor Pro

Designer Joseph Cornelia, has drafted up what he imagines would be the next Traktor interface, or perhaps his version of a re-design.

9. Knowing your Music Vs. Planning a Setdance-journey

Planning a DJ set can often be beneficial, but it can also be extremely restrictive and limiting. Having a plan is good, but an inability to waiver from the plan, is going to destroy you as a DJ.

8. Sync Beatport Pro with Traktorbeatport-to-traktor

I wanted to take a few minutes to show you how to sync Beatport Pro with Traktor so that you guys can get up and running with this latest music organisation tool.

7. Top 5 Keyboard Shortcuts

screen-shot-2012-10-31-at-3-37-22-pmReducing the time spent hunting for options, scrolling through menu bars and generally staring at a screen; is something of importance to me. This is where keyboard shortcuts are extremely useful and in some cases, absolutely necessary.

6. Multiple iTunes Libraries

photo-1It’s possible to have multiple iTunes libraries that work independently from one another. You can switch between these libraries when opening iTunes.
If like me; you DJ two styles of music, it can be very beneficial to separate them out. This way you have less tracks staring at you from within iTunes.

screen-shot-2013-07-02-at-14-32-425. Organizing your Traktor Collection

Organizing Music! Music nerd heaven? Gigantic pain in the ass? Whatever your viewpoint, as a DJ using Traktor, chances are your hard drive is awash with mp3s, and finding the one you want when mixing can be a challenge.

4. Mavericks

There were all sorts of issues happening when Apple released Mavericks. The main issue being people updating their computers too soon and not having patience when it comes to updating.

3. Kontrol S8

kontrol s8 3dNative Instruments made an error in their website postings and as a result the Kontrol S8 was leaked early. It’s a bold move that many dislike, but with the recent acquisition of Carl Cox as an ambassador, maybe the sales of this controller will begin to rise.

2. 5 Things to Consider when Buying a New Laptop

broken dj laptopIt always helps to know what you’re looking for in a new DJ laptop, in this article I explain the most important factors that I would consider when making a new purchase.

1. Keyboard Shortcuts

Screen Shot keyboard shortcutsDespite the fact that the keyboard shortcuts are available to you in the included documentation with Traktor and accessible through the “Help” section built right in to Traktor, the Traktor Keyboard shortcuts article is the most viewed article in 2014.

Thanks to all my readers for another excellent year of Traktor Tips. With the upcoming release of the Traktor Tips remix deck course, I am aiming for another excellent year as we head through 2015.

Keep playing, keep having fun and keep asking me questions. I look forward to helping even more of you in 2015.