Lost Radio Show January 2015

photo-1Happy 2015 to you all, I hope you all had an amazing New Years Eve whatever you got upto.

I hope many of you were DJ’ing somewhere, but if you weren’t, don’t worry, you can focus on making it happen at the end of this year.

So to start the year off with the first radio show of 2015, I decided to play a few tracks that I played during my New Years Set. I was lucky enough to get a set time from 11:30 to 1am, so was able to rock a crowd of around 230 people right into the New Year. It’s always very special when there’s a crowd rocking hard in-front of you!

I wanna thank the Tofino Rainforest Inn, here in my home town of Tofino,BC, Canada for the opportunity and the good times!

Lost Guest Mix

Each month, courtesy of the guys at DE Radio, we are able to accept guest DJ submissions from all the readers and listeners of the show. So I encourage you all to get in touch with Marc Gerrard with a link to your mixes.

This month…..Stijn Peeters

As always I will start off the show with an hour of my favourite tracks of the moment, followed by an hour from one of YOU folks.
This month I will be followed up by a nice tough techno set from Stijn Peeters aka Beuk

Enjoy the show…

My Set Up

For those of you interested in my setup for NYE, I kept it super simple:

  • X1 (Mark 1)
  • Audio 8
  • Laptop

The guy playing after me was using Technics and Serato through a rane mixer, so I didn’t need to take my mixer.

As a back up, I exported my Traktor NYE playlist and analyzed all the tracks with Serato (it’s free) and then copied them onto a USB stick. By doing this, if any of my gear broke down, I could simply plug my USB stick into the other DJ’s laptop and use his set up. (See more on being flexible as a DJ)

As it happened, nothing went wrong and everything went off perfectly. Thanks for listening, here’s to some excellent music in 2015.