Kontrol X1 Remix Deck Mapping

img_3997During the creation of my Remix Deck Course I felt compelled to show some resourcefulness and in the spirit of “using what you’ve already got”, I decided to create a Remix Deck Mapping for the Kontrol X1.

The X1 was my first Traktor controller and is still my main goto controller. I love how compact and versatile it is and because I’ve owned it for so long, I know my way around it very well.

Creating the X1 Remix Deck Mapping

It took many hours to create the mapping, learning as I went. Things changed and morphed as I added more and more functions. As you build out a mapping, other ideas present themselves, until you finally come up with something that works for your specific workflow.

Not only have I created a mapping to control the top row of the remix decks, but I have also made other adjustments to the main mapping of the X1 to fit better with the way I use Traktor. So this is really two mappings, you will need to install both to get the full functionality of my mapping.

In the video below I will show you all of the features that these mappings allow.

What Can it Do?

There are many new functions added to these mappings including:-

  • Browsing the tree.
  • More easily accessible tempo adjust.
  • Fine tempo adjust.
  • More easily accessible pitch bend.
  • (you will loose ‘beat jump’)

By entering Midi mode (Shift + Hotcue) you will access a completely new set of features related to the Remix Decks:

  • Control over Remix Deck D
  • Capture into any of the top 4 slots. (1st row only)
  • Ability to capture from either Deck A or B
  • Trigger, Stop, Unload and Mute slots.
  • Sync the Remix Deck.
  • Choose Remix Deck as master.
  • Sync Remix Deck.
  • Increase or decrease the tempo of the Remix Deck.
  • Pitch bend the Remix Deck.
  • Turn on effects units.
  • Toggle effects on/off for each slot.
  • Toggle key lock on/off for each slot.
  • Turn Quantize on/off for the Remix Deck.
  • Change quantize size for the Remix Deck.
  • Control the volume of each slot.
  • Control the filter for each slot.
  • Stop and Delete the Cells

There are still some unused buttons when in Midi mode, including the effects knobs. I decided to leave these unmapped so that switching back to the main page won’t cause any conflicts with your effect settings. But if you are interested in adding additional commands, the option is there. Just be aware of the ‘soft takeover’ option if you are going to mess with the effects parameter knobs.

Note: I am awaiting feedback regarding if this works with the X1 Mark 2. 

Demo and Instructions

Make sure you watch the video below to see how the mapping operates and for the instructions on how to install the mapping (starts at the 7m 39s mark).

You will be able to buy the mapping using the button below the video and will receive a 30% discount by simply sharing the mapping, just follow the instructions after clicking the buy now button.


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