Lost Radio Show February 2015

This month I decided to set up the sound cards on the CDJ’s. I seemed to have forgotten that they contain their own sound card and have been relying on my now aging Kontrol Audio 8 interface from NI.

It’s incredibly easy to set up the aggregate audio for the CDJ’s using a mac, I will post an article on this at a later time. (It seems that PC users can just select the outputs without the need to aggregate.)

Once the aggregate audio is set up you can basically select Player 1 to send audio from Deck A and Player 2 to send audio from Deck B straight into your mixer using the RCA outs on the back of the CDJ’s. So this is how I set it up for this month’s mix.

CDJ 900 Nexus Mapping

It is true that the CDJ 900 nexus is not supported by Traktor and as such does not have HID mode. HID mode is however supported on the older CDJ900. (HID is a direct connection between Traktor and the CDJ which allows Traktor information to be displayed on the player) For whatever reason Native Instruments, has decided not to support the CDJ 900 nexus and have not disclosed any plans to do so. For this reason, I needed to create my own midi mapping for the 900 nexus so that I can control Traktor with it. (it needs a little bit of fine tuning but I will make this available to you sometime soon)

You can see the difference in the video above, as the player on my left is the standard 900 and the one on the right is the nexus version. You will notice there is no feedback on the screen and the LED’s can not be set to receive output data from Traktor.

Lost on DE Radio – February 2015

In the video you will also see that I am using the keyboard to trigger samples in a remix deck, which is also routed to the same Traktor output as Deck A. (more on this in the upcoming Remix Deck Course)

My ‘record out’ from the mixer goes straight into my iMac line in and I am using Nicecast to broadcast to DE Radio‘s servers.

I did not plan this set at all, except I woke up that morning with “Blast – Crazy Man” in my head, so I knew I had to play that and so dug out some vinyl for that one particular track.

I decided not to add any other controllers in and as such could not use the Traktor effects. But to tell you the truth I didn’t really miss them, I simply enjoyed mixing the way I like, no frills.

Guest mix from DJ MFR

Whilst the guest mix slot is open for listeners to submit their mixes, I heard DJ MFR one day whilst listening to deradio.ca and decided that I need to feature this excellent DJ. Whilst the video does not feature his set, you can catch the full 2 hours including MFR’s set in the soundcloud file below.

Enjoy the show…

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