Getting Creative with the Loop Lounge

There are lots of places where we can access loops for use inside the Traktor Remix Decks, but there is one particular crew that currently stands out from the crowd: Let me introduce you to the Loop Lounge!

What is the Loop Lounge

loop-lounge-logoThe Loop lounge is a UK based label for DJ Tools and audio samples who work closely with musicians, DJ’s and producers.

The loops are professionally mastered, and as they are 100% royalty free, you are able to use them in your own productions too!

The Loop packs are no ordinary Loop packs. You can, if you choose, download complete Remix Sets ready to go. So you’re not just downloading a folder of files, you are actually downloading a traktor.pak.

A traktor “pak” is the file type that Traktor reads and places directly into the Remix Decks. All you need do, is drag the pack into the track collection and it will instantly appear in your “remix sets” folder. Then you simply drag the new sets into your Remix Decks and get right into it.

The sets are already configured in a way that makes sense to the user. Some of the samples are set as loops, and others as ‘one shots’. The samples are also colour coded to maximize the ease at which you can control the sets to create productions live and on the fly.

A 16 pad midi controller is the best way you can enjoy the remix decks at their full potential, yet you can still use the remix decks with a mouse and keyboard.

In these video, DJ Narrative is using a novation controller, but the kontrol F1, or any other similar controller will work perfectly. You could even map your keyboard to control the remix decks.

I was lucky enough to get hold of a sample pack from the Loop Lounge and I must say how professionally it was compiled. There’s lot’s of information in the download and it’s obvious that they have put a lot of thought into their products.

I have created a short demo video showcasing the “Soul of the Machine” pack, which is a nice driving techno pack. You will see how the pack looks after download, along with how you can load in the pack and a short demo of the pack; in which I am using the kontrol F1.

If you’re in need of a helping hand with the remix decks then I recommend you dive into my course. You’ll then be eligible for the discount I mention below.

10% Discount for you!

The good news is that the Loop Lounge have offered my subscribers a discount on loop packs and if you’re on my list, then you would have already received your discount code.

If you’re not a subscriber to Traktor Tips, then not to worry, you can still take advantage of this 10% from within my Remix Deck Course. But don’t hang around, the discount does expire. (Edit July 4th: The discount period has now expired – thank you)

You also have the chance to get a Free Trial Pack from the Loop Lounge – simply head to their site ( and navigate to the “Free Trial Pack”.

Have fun and enjoy the remix decks to their fullest!

Check out more videos of the Loop Lounge:


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