Why I won’t be talking about the latest “Deck” from manufacturer X.

There’s a touch of paradox in this article because I’m kind of talking about the latest Deck from ‘manufacturer X’, even though the title explains that I won’t be talking about it. Let me expand on this rather confusing topic.

I have recently had a revelation in my own world. This revelation puts me in a somewhat tricky place with regards “Traktor Tips”. It makes my job a little harder, but I’m up for the challenge.

I started Traktor Tips to offer Traktor users help with their chosen software, yet over time my attention has been hijacked by the industry pushing and reviewing DJ equipment. Now, I didn’t start out to become a promotion tool for DJ equipment and I certainly don’t want to head in that direction either. There are plenty of sites out there that serve that purpose. I want my role in all of this, to be more about empowering others to follow their passion of DJ’ing and my understanding is that ‘the equipment does not maketh the DJ’.

I feel that the constant barrage of ‘new and exciting’ DJ gear is distracting many of us from our true passion of DJ’ing and our love of music.

Whilst I can understand the excitement of some shiny new object, I am also overwhelmed by the obsession many people have with equipment. I too was one of these people and have finally seen the error of my ways. I have sold off a lot of my gear and reduced my set up down to the basics of what serves me.

I have recently unsubscribed from the big “DJ” websites, that mainly talk about DJ equipment, because I see them as a distraction to my true purpose of playing and mixing music. I have replaced these websites with music labels and other passionate DJ’s and producers. My passion is now related to finding new music and not being distracted by the constant narrative of the industry, this piece included.

Innovation and Gadgets

Whilst I commend the creative types that are living their passions in innovating and designing new devices, I must also notice the feelings that appear once I hear about new equipment. They are feelings of lack and the false belief that I am gonna miss out on something. ‘Perhaps by not showing an interest in this, I’m going to fail as a DJ”.

By paying zero attention to the “market”, I am free from the barrage of sales pitches and commentary surrounding the over-valued, over-hyped, under-used, irrelevant, ‘next best thing’, and free to play my music void of pointless distraction.

The issue is not the company that creates the device, nor is it the websites that promote the stuff, they’re just catering to demand. The issue, is with our insatiable appetite for consumerism. If we weren’t so uncontrollably hungry for searching out a physical product to fill our misguided longing for ‘something’, then there would be no media over-playing, over-hyping and over sensationalizing these gadgets and gizmos. The media websites have fallen into the trap of promoting products because it drives traffic, comments, shares, likes and sales, and I’m standing on the edge of this black hole with Traktor Tips. You either jump in and play the game, or pull back and walk your truth.

What you Focus on, Grows

The other thing of course, is that these kinds of sites are always going to be there, but what you put your attention on, grows. So if like me you’re fed up of all the gear talk, then simply remove it from your reality. A twitter feed is a perfect testament to how this works. If you want to change your reality, you change who you follow. Your home feed changes instantly and instead of being met by political doom and gloom, or DJ products, you’re now met with inspirational positivity and awesome music.

You can take this ‘twitter example’ and bring it more fully into your life and completely change your reality. Start with your social media and then move it into physical aspects of your life, job, friends, circumstances. Surround yourself with things that resonate with you, things that give you joy, things that feel right to you.

I completely see the paradox in this article and almost didn’t publish it, because maybe by paying even less attention to it, you’d get the message, but I felt that I needed to at least clarify my position on it.

It takes courage to know when something doesn’t align with your soul’s path, but I value being true to oneself over likes, comments, shares and money.

Of course, you might actually be slightly off path and fully enjoy all the gadgetry, perhaps you’re going to build your own DJ software or DJ controller in the future, in which case, keep reading about innovations in DJ technology. But for those that simply want to focus on the music then this article is intended to nudge you back on track.

You don’t need a Gimmick – You need Music

Imagine a world where we chose our tools based on what our creative nature inspired us to search out, instead of the industry dictating our needs to us?

There’s a difference between having a vision of what you want to achieve and then organically gravitating towards the right tools to manifest your vision; versus being told what you ‘should’ be using to manifest your dreams.

If you’ve been hoping and praying for a specific tool and then it arrives, then this is an amazing time to jump into it. Things couldn’t be more aligned for you and you’re a lucky individual who has extreme power in manifesting the tools you need. Good on ya!

But, if the latest product confuses you in someway and you’re not sure what it does, then maybe you should take a step back from the hullabaloo and re-align with what you’re truly trying to achieve. Just because it’s new and different, doesn’t mean you need it.

I was speaking to a graphic designer the other night about this topic and he gave me an interesting analogy:

“When designing something, it doesn’t matter what spec of computer you have, or what design software you use; if you haven’t got a hand sketched design idea in-front of you first.”

This made so much sense to me. In applying this to the DJ world, it made me think of a person who “wants to be a DJ”, but hasn’t even got a collection of music yet! It’s the same for the ‘latest and greatest’ equipment. People all want something before they even know what it does, or what they even want to do with it.

Stay Present & Focused

With so many amazing and beautiful creations in the world, the hardest part is navigating your path based on your heart’s true desires. It’s easier to tune into this when you stay present and focused and allow the worldly distractions to wash off you and you stand firm in your goals, which are ever changing. I know that it’s with music that my heart lays, so it’s time to delve right back in to what truly makes me tick.

Listen to your heart and do what’s right for you.