Traktor Tips is Closing

(Edit: This post originally appeared on the main ‘Traktortips’ Site, which will have disappeared, but I decided to import all the posts to it’s original location of this free wordpress site where it all began. this way you all still have access to the content. I do not plan on adding any more fresh content)

It’s time to say thank you and goodbye!

A tough decision, but the time has come.

It’s been an absolute blast creating ‘Traktor Tips’ and launching the courses that have helped so many people. I never would have guessed that my small personal blog could have grown so large and popular and I thank you all for that.

The first course “Basics” was inspired by Phil from Digital DJ Tips who reached out and suggested I made a course, so I did. Thanks for that Phil.

The second course was a natural progression and so I released the Remix Deck Course. This course is still very popular, but I have decided to move this over to Udemy following a suggestion from one of my subscribers. (Thank you for that too)

Why close Traktor Tips?

There are many reasons for the closure of the site and all with different amount of weight, but to keep it short and sweet the reasons are:

  1. Permaculture is my new passion.
  2. I don’t like keeping up with a material world or promoting it.
  3. I want to spend less time on the computer.
  4. I don’t want to spend any more money on the running costs of TT.
  5. I have no more tutorials that I am interested in making.

To sum it all up, there has been no better time to take control of our lives and the planet and I have a much larger calling to move towards an off-grid life that is more in harmony with nature. Traktor Tips is in no way aligned with this. Whilst I kept trying to convince myself I was ‘helping’ people, I’m not really contributing to a better world. Although maybe I did stop someone from buying something they didn’t need.

What’s next?

I’m very much excited to downsize, and start the long process towards an off-grid life and make a REAL difference by walking the walk.

I am likely to blog about the new direction soon, but am in no way ready to share that journey with you lot yet. If you want to follow along I am sure google will have the answer. I’ll probably highjack my own twitter account too so I can force-feed you all my updates at some point too. haha.

In the meantime, the YouTube account and Twitter will remain as they are and the remix deck course will soon be heading for Udemy, it just needs some finishing touches and approval.

So for now, thanks to everyone that came along for the journey – I will email my Traktor Tip’s subscriber list details of the Udemy Course when it is live, so if you want to know about that, make sure you’re on this list. Once that is live, the list will be delete and you will receive no more emails from Traktor Tips.

If you want to know about my future direction then you can jump on this new list where I will update you on the “Journey to Off-Grid”.

Peace and Love….