Traktor Tips Remix Deck Course Remains

As many returning visitors will notice, Traktor Tips has changed. I have been going through the process of ‘closing down’ the site.

Whilst closing it all down I realised that the original free wordpress site still existed online and rather than completely KILL traktortips I have exported all the posts from November 2012 up until the present day and re-imported them into the old ‘free’ wordpress hosted site.

This means that the site is a little less cool, but all the content still remains and I don’t have the associated costs of running it.

The other bonus is that I have successfully moved the popular Remix Deck Course to Udemy which means you can still benefit from this excellent course that I worked so hard to create.

I am very excited to offer all my readers a 17% discount on the course – this offer expires on September 9th 2015 So be quick to get the deal!

I’m so happy that I have worked out a great way to continue to offer the existing videos and course to those who want to benefit from the course!

Thank you all for being supportive through this transition.


Course Available for 17% off


22 thoughts on “Traktor Tips Remix Deck Course Remains

  1. HI, do you know if Remix Sets are Free Of any Copyright laws? (eg the ones from beat port)
    Am I Able to make a unique beat using a few different remix sets, and be free of any copyright laws?
    Could you clarify this for me please as I’m not really sure..Thanks

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