The World After Traktor Tips

How is everyone?

It’s been a beautiful summer and an interesting winter so far. Solstice is fast approaching and the light will once again be returning to the northern hemisphere.

I felt like issuing you all with a little update as to what’s been going on for me since I ‘closed’ Traktor Tips.

As many of you know, I planned to close the site entirely and I was even in talks with another tutorial site to sell it, but this didn’t happen and I chose to keep it running in a basic form, that costs me nothing in expenses. This meant closing down my self hosted site, turning off automated newsletters and turning off my own course access portal.

In making this change I moved the remix deck course to Udemy so that people can still benefit from all the work I put into the course and based on the reviews and with over 120 students enrolled, I’m glad I did.

Sold Everything

I was pretty much fed up with the constant marketing side of this online world, but more so with the constant noise from the DJ equipment manufacturers. I’d grown tired of being on the receiving end of an industry that at that time, only seemed to be a dark place of people pushing unnecessary equipment on an unsuspecting public.

As I closed off all connections to this world, I also sold pretty much everything I owned, including, CDJ’s, Technics, Mixer, all Native Instruments equipment, including the F1, the S4, my Maschine and the X1 too. It wasn’t just DJ equipment that I sold, I got rid of the iMac, a ton of clothes, furniture and an entire 1 bedroom suite full of things.

In selling all this equipment I was able to purchase a motor home in which my wife and I currently live, allowing us to save a huge amount of rent. Our plan of downsizing and moving towards a more fulfilling off-grid life, to be closer to nature is certainly well on it’s way. I will be attending a Tiny Home workshop in March in Vancouver and plan to use my free time to build my own home.

I have been heavily studying Astrology, which is the most fascinating and healing subject I have come to understand and my life is cruising along at a pretty chilled pace.

Still into the Music

Music is still a huge part of my life though and armed only with my laptop and an external hard drive full of tunes, I am the producer and presenter on a local FM radio show.

I have produced about 16 shows so far, yet have only recently started to record them. No mixing skills are required for this role, but I have developed a little more musical knowledge and a deeper connection to the physical community around me, which has been an amazing experience and opportunity for growth.

Due to the downsizing and lack of equipment and transport, DJ’ing at gigs other than the weekly radio show has been very much reduced, however, I have just acquired an Allen & Heath Xone K2, which is the ideal all in one controller and sound card for the minimalist DJ living in less than 200 square feet.

Taking a Break

I am amazed at how such a huge break from the online world (I don’t even have my own internet connection anymore) has given me a new lease of life and a deeper connection to the music. It also causes time to pass more slowly, which is amazing.

Stripping everything away creates space for you to rediscover what is truly important to you. By removing all distractions and hobbies, you clear the way to tune in to your true desires, rather than them being imposed upon you by a rather overcrowded world of information.

Moving Forward

We can never know our path ahead, the future is simply an illusion, yet we can make conscious choices in the present moment that will affect our future. It is impossible to know what is around the corner, yet by being completely present and aware of the decisions that lie immediately infront of our face, we can create the life we truly want.

You are the creator, you are creation, you have the power to be whatever you choose.



4 thoughts on “The World After Traktor Tips

  1. im sad you’ve stoped but so happy you are finding happiness in your new choices. you’ve given a lot to me and to so many anonymous others I hope you find all you wish for…

    1. Thanks Daniel – It was a fun time and I am happy to have helped the people I have. It seems I am still getting lots of visitors, so hopefully continuing to help people find their groove! Thanks.

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