What’s been happening?

Hello Traktor Tips followers, it’s been a while since I posted on these pages. Nine months in-fact, I have been enjoying time offline and reconnecting with nature.

It’s been a great time and change of direction for me, which I can tell you about in a second if your’re interested. But first I wanted to update you about the Traktor Tips Remix Deck Course.

The course has been available on Udemy since I ‘closed’ the doors of Traktor Tips, but recently they went through a pricing shift and as such I have lowered the price of the course.

The remix deck course is now available for just $30 USD, however if you use the link below you can access the course with 20% off.

Get 20% off the Remix deck course.

In other news

So for those that were aware, I changed what I was doing as I wanted to pursue a different lifestyle with less ‘stuff’ and a more minimal way of life. Since I stopped working on Traktor Tips I have taken the steps to create my own Tiny House.

I sold all my DJ gear (replaced it all with just an Allen & Heath K2) and started researching how to build a tiny house.

I’ve built my own Tiny House

I began the build in March this year and if you’re interested you can see what’s been going on over at the tofinotinyhome.com site.

Maybe once the build is finished I will be back to talk about DJ’ing, something I haven’t entirely dismissed.

The one thing I can pass on to you from this entire process, is to follow what you love, take risks, move towards your goals and you can achieve great things.

Until next time…



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