Traktor Introduces Colour Coding of Tracks

It’s been a long time since Native Instruments made any significant update to their flagship DJ software Traktor. Just recently they spewed out a very minimal change, that may or may not seem useful.

Color Coding, or Colour coding, if you wanna spell it the “proper” way”, has been introduced to the track browser.

Now you are able to introduce a “Color” column in the browser by right clicking on the bowser title bar and selecting “Color”.

Once you have the column in place, you can right click that column and select one of several colours to attach to that track.

Search using colour

You can click the drop down arrow in the search bar, elect ‘color’ and type the colour you want to see.
Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 8.04.14 AM

As we already have multiple ways of labelling and categorizing tracks, you would have to think carefully about how you’d like to use this colour labelling. Perhaps you use it for stems, for example, Bass is Blue, mids are Yellow and highs are Green, Vocals are Red, whatever you feel works.

Or perhaps you can simply use them to colour code the tracks based on what time of night is best to play them, grading them from green being early in the night right through to red being big mainsheet bangers. However you want to use them, is up to you. At least you know have another way of organizing your tracks.

Please share with others in the comments below how you plan on using the colour coding, I’d be interested in seeing what you folks think.


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